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correct placement of towels in the bathroom

by:KingKonree     2020-10-26
Bathroom towels of all different types--
Towels, towels and towels--
This can be confusing when it comes to their correct location.
Before hanging the towel rack, consider what type of towels you need and where they should be in the bathroom.
After washing your hands in the sink, you will need a small towel for easy placement to dry your hands.
Ideally, the towel rack should be located on the wall next to the sink, positioned at a level that is comfortable for ordinary people.
If it is a children\'s bathroom, please put the luggage rack where he can\'t reach it.
In some cases, the sink is located in the middle of the long counter with no adjacent walls and there is only one mirror wall behind the sink.
Towel stand is the right solution to place on the countertop near the sink.
When you climb out of the tub or shower, you reach out to get the bath towel. Install a 36-
There is an inch towel rack on the wall close to the shower, close enough that you can reach it without going out of the tub or shower.
It should be installed at about the same height as the handtowel rack.
The standard is around 48 inch.
If two people use the bathroom, you can install a shelf on another shelf.
Leave enough space between the towels so the towels can be hung and dried properly.
If there are no blank walls near the shower or tub, consider installing a towel hook or buying a separate towel rack. Over-the-
The smaller bathroom offers door hooks to accommodate multiple towels.
Sometimes, if there is a wall opposite the water source, the towel rack can be installed in the bathtub or shower so that the towel is not wet.
Instead of relying on a towel rack, you can choose to show your towel creatively.
Place decorative cabinets or shelves in the bathroom.
Fold the extra towels neatly and put them on the shelf.
In order to get the spa effect, roll up the towels and stack them in rows.
The extra washing cloth can also be similarly rolled and displayed in the basket at the top of the counter.
For guest room bathrooms, consider using decorative hand towels.
However, if you are not going to use them, be sure to hang them away from the sink and provide spare towels for dry hands.
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