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Countertops are a great way to add style, as well

by:KingKonree     2020-06-28
You Have Many Options Countertops can vary from sleek solid surface counters, to a busy granite full of naturalistic beauty, and everywhere in between. Granite is one of the most popular choices people often consider when choosing a countertop. Granite Countertops There are many excellent factors and characteristics of granite. Granite is extremely hard and is a natural stone, which gives it such a beautiful unrefined look. People often select it because it is able to blend with many styles, and there is a great variety of different stones. Also, when choosing granite you are able to select an exact slab, which might have unique characteristics. One of the downsides of granite is that you have to reseal it fairly often and be cautious of the chemicals you use to clean it. You are able to cut food on it without damaging the stone, but you might ruin the finish of it over time. Although granite is a wonderful option, people often find themselves focused solely on this one countertop without knowing their other options. Off-Beat Alernatives For a sleeker look you might think a solid colored countertop might be another option. There are many different countertop options to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Some options for that might be silestone countertops, stained concrete, a plastic laminate countertop, or a solid surface countertop like Corian. Corian Corian is a wonderful option not only because it is man made and able to have a smooth lusterous finish, but also because it has antimicrobial properties and is a green product. Silestone & Avanza Silestone or Avanza countertops are quartz counters that can give you a large range of styles. Silestone is a compound countertop made of natural quartz and is extremely hard and resilient. It also has antimicrobial characteristics which makes it a perfect option for any use. Lavastone Sometimes for higher end projects, or if you want to be more unique in your design you might choose some exotic counters. One of these countertops is lavastone. Lavastone is a stone made from quickly hardened lava. It can be colored and stained to be very fun bright colors, and extremely lustrous. Precious Stones Another countertop option is semi precious stone. This countertop is extremely expensive, but will also give a very luxurious look. Some of these stones might include petrified wood, amethyst, and agate. When selecting a countertop just be sure to keep an open mind, and always keep your style and personality in whatever you do.
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