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Granite is a type of rock that is granular in texture

by:KingKonree     2020-08-19

For safety, countertops should be nonporous and have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Quartz countertops are in fact composed of 90% quartz and 10% Acrylic or epoxy resin. The resin will mean quartz will have higher level of VOCs than granite. VOCs can be harmful for the environment and can contribute to harmful health effects. Pores in a countertop are bad, because they can act as tiny storage compartments for microorganisms to gather. Bacteria from meals can seep into pouches in countertop and re-contaminate further foodstuffs placed on the countertop. Quartz is actually created to be nonporous. Granite in its organic state is actually permeable although it looks nonporous. This isn't a big problem, just be sure you reseal granite with a water-based penetrating sealer every year.

Granite has many excellent qualities that make it ideal for home renovation use including for fireplaces, flooring surfaces and kitchen countertops. It has high density, acid resistance, low absorption rate and scratch resistance. To take care of your Toronto granite countertop, it is important to do is to seal it annually with a silicone sealant. This will prevent staining from fluids spilled onto the surface. Just use mild soap and water for everyday washing of your Toronto granite countertop.By doing this, your granite countertops will last a lifetime and look as good as you purchased it. For upkeep, please note that you will have to reseal it once a year. It is actually porous.

Use a water-based penetrating sealer to seal your granite countertop once a year. The silicone in the sealer gets into the tiny pores and coats them, but isn't going to completely close off them. That means the surface will be stain-resistant but not stain-proof. You however need to quickly wipe off any spills like coffee and wine beverages. Go for quality instead of economy when choosing a Toronto granite countertop. If you go the cheap route, you will have a slim, weak slab of granite. Individual items of granite are judged for the place it emanates from and also the thickness of the piece. Granite is great choice for kitchen countertops for its beauty, practicality and durability.

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