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guided by height, light

by:KingKonree     2020-03-20
The Sun went through the high windows and turned the Moroccan carpet into a beating pomegranate red, with Canadian composer Sharon Smith listing the colorful platter of Mexican dishes and Venezuelan film director Fiona Torres, making a strong latte.
Several of their friends have finished their Sunday brunch, and everyone seems to be very relaxed in a casual setting with flowers, books, cd, original art, movie posters everywhere.
Despite the lack of disguise in Smith\'s and toors\'s houses, it\'s amazing to be near this obscure beach bungalow in Venice.
It looks like a California-style Japanese shrine building in appearance ---
Maybe a post-modern pagoda. -with its burnt-
Orange roof, tapered tail and Tori temple gate to the entrance rock garden.
For the record: 12: 00 am, March.
On Friday, March 05, 2004, the Los Angeles Times home page moderator asked for news section A page 2004 National Taiwan 0 inch;
Material Type: fixed bungalow owner--
On Thursday, in an article about the renovated Venetian bungalow, Sharon Smith, the owner, was mistaken for Susan Smith.
Los Angeles Times on Thursday, March 11, 2004, home page F page 5 features 0 inch units;
Material Type: fixed bungalow owner--
In the family section of last Thursday, an article about the renovated Venetian bungalow came with two photo titles, and the owner Sharon Smith was mistaken for Susan Smith.
Also surprisingly, it used to be a 600-square-
Smith\'s brother, Garfield Smith, cleverly combined with the garage\'s foot bungalow, is a sculptor and his only architectural experience is in the cabinets and remodeling of Toronto.
Peter Trias, the owner of a sushi restaurant on Abbot Kinney Avenue, stood in front of a piece of glass and watched the surprisingly tall palm tree swing under the blue sky.
His eyes were drawn to the roof of the house, which was floating on a large priest\'s window above the house.
Smith smiled and said to her brother, \"anyone who walks into the house will look up\" wow \".
\"This is a dream that I completed with him.
\"She wanted Garfield, who studied architecture briefly at the University of Toronto and occasionally worked as a designer --
Create a studio where she can write music.
\"But it\'s much bigger,\" Sharon Smith said . \".
\"I never thought we would build something of this size.
\"She motioned to the sunken living room, where Garfield\'s wife, Lisa Fisher, was a Hollywood set designer and was already sitting in a leather club chair with the same color as the scarf on her neck, chef and art historian Ed rusfab sat on the ledge in front of the two --Side fireplace. Hand-
Torres bought the colored tiles in Puebla, Mexico, in a suitcase, leaning against the fireplace, ready to stick to the proper position. Slow-
On the shelves of some museums and some altars, church candles are burning, illuminating the collection of miniature paintings made by the sampattista rebels.
Advertising Smith and torres passion for the Southof-the-
A recent trip to Mexico City has made border culture and design more active, where Torres has an apartment.
Today\'s meal is not just brunch, it\'s Frida Kalou brunch, which takes directly from the \"territory of Frida\" something full of chili peppers and chicken moles, the recipes compiled by Mexican artist stepdaughter are known for their sophisticated recipes.
Smith leaned against the recipe and wrinkled his forehead.
Although some guests make a piece of bamboo
The lined pocket terrace seems to be everywhere, others gather around the curved slate counter, separating the living and dining areas from the kitchen, and the housekeeper Marina Ayala sl dough between the palms when preparing the tortillas.
\"We brought the black mole back from Mexico,\" Smith said . \" He put the food in his vibrant hands.
Torres sat on the bar stool and spoke cheerfully.
When Smith began renovating a 1946-square-meter bungalow in 1999, he met Fernando Torres, director of the woman on top.
But a gift from torles to Tim Street.
Porter\'s book Mexico house inspired Smith\'s selection of materials, textures and colors from the Stone
The limestone vanity set in the two bathrooms is the same color as the roof.
At first, however, Smith did not know what she wanted in her living space and environment.
In fact, she was overwhelmed when her brother first asked her.
Smith recalled: \"I know I want a house that expresses my sense of beauty and space, but as a musician, I don\'t have a building vocabulary yet to describe what exactly it is.
I keep saying, \'I want something beautiful,\' and he keeps saying, \'Sharon, I need to know more.
In the end, the theme becomes \"height and light\", and the two words describe almost everything that is lacking in the original structure.
The place does have one thing to do, that is, it is located in the southwest corner of Venice, filtered and smeared by big banyan trees and palm trees in the sun.
\"I want to get in touch with the outdoors as much as possible,\" Smith said . \".
\"As a child, we spent the summer in a wooden hut in the Georgian Bay of the Great Lakes, half of which we lived. I wanted that.
\"All the little terraces and decks advertised had echoes of the cabin\'s porch.
Outdoor corners and gaps also compensate for 100 square feet of garden space, which is eliminated when they connect two original structures, a 20-foot-by-30-
Walking bungalow and converted threecar garage. (
The other bungalow is now a rental unit but will eventually be converted into a music studio. )
\"Getting outdoor space is a key design factor,\" explains Garfield Smith. \"There are small openings outside rather than the idea of a yard.
\"To enhance the Interior
Outdoor feeling, all the doors in the House are glass, 8 feet high;
The door to the bedroom and bathroom is sandblasted glass.
Double glass doors leading to most outdoor spaces.
\"There is light penetrating each other everywhere,\" said Garfield Smith . \".
The table in the restaurant is lit from above three sides.
The theme of \"height and light\" is expressed the most shocking by the elevated roof, which brings together the entire house as a series of flowing living spaces and allows light to penetrate all rooms.
The roof consists of exposed beams and two parts of the raf Sub, including more than 100 skylights, each with a steel frame alone.
In addition to getting a lot of light in, the clergy are essential structural elements.
\"The clergy played the role of lifting the ceiling,\" Garfield Smith said . \".
\"The whole thing is floating.
\"The four large windows further attract nature and sunlight indoors, which are placed strategically along the walls of the South living room with an anodized aluminum frame, outlining those tall, skinny Washington along the street
\"I call those palms my Sentry,\" Sharon Smith said . \".
\"I think I\'m in Africa when they bend and swing.
Her brother never designed or built the whole house.
Before arriving in Los Angeles, he spent several months in Tokyo working for the sculpture Council. -a 70-foot-
Long arc casting in bronze casting-
The Canadian embassy and his stay inspired the Asian design of the house.
Surprisingly, in addition to the roof and the floor of the living room, he completed all the buildings himself with the help of two workers.
Advertising the light construction of the post-war Beach Villa made the work less daunting.
\"In contrast, double
\"I have rebuilt the brick structure in the Northeast, which is easy to change,\" he said . \".
When he was not working, he wandered the streets and rivers of Venice.
\"Venice is a tense little building environment,\" he said . \"“It’s an off-the-
Grid community, intensive art experiments.
Sometimes the architectural style will inspire his imagination and he will run back to the drawing board and re-imagine the elements of the design.
\"We changed things as we moved forward,\" Sharon Smith said . \".
\"It\'s not all written on paper.
However, these changes sometimes lead to quarrels.
\"Because we are brothers and sisters, we will have a big fight,\" Sharon said with a smile . \".
She funded the project and saw a change in dollars and cents for each design.
The biggest battle took place when \"I might have to take a part off the roof\" turned into \"I razed the roof to the ground.
\"When I got there, all that was left was the foundation and two walls,\" Sharon Smith recalled . \".
It was then that she began to ask herself questions about survival.
\"I don\'t even know what it means to have my own home,\" she admits . \".
For the past 10 and a half years, she has been living in someone else\'s house, or renting places that always feel temporary.
\"I don\'t know what I can imagine to make it a reality.
Then, a friend recommended the masterpiece of the philosopher Gaston basshla, the poetic theory of space: How we experience the classics of intimate places.
\"I have been reading the house while I was doing it,\" Smith said . \".
\"Bachelard connects poetry with the space in which we live.
He talked about our instinct to nest and talked about our inner self and our expression of it.
This book keeps me going because sometimes it\'s a very difficult process.
Fortunately, from October 1999 to March 2000, she worked as a music editor in Princess Diaries ---
She said the film \"paid for the house.
\"Get the biggest explosion for their jewelry ---
It feels like it\'s going out as soon as it comes in ---
The Smithsonian chose unusual materials to make eye-catching style statements, but looked around for reasonable suppliers.
Because it costs a lot of money to lay wood floors in the whole house, they use wood ---
American Cherry-
Only in the living room.
Although the floor of the restaurant is cheaper than wood, it is actually more noticeable;
Looks like a grinded soap stone of anthracite coal
The colored slate is also used for kitchen counters and tailgates in a larger format.
The stone theme extends to the dining table, and Garfield Smith designed the table with the Brazilian slate he found at the Burgo brothers.
\"Boneyard\" in Santa Monica \".
He paid $200 for six-foot-
Long board, if it is not engraved on the corner, it costs 10 times as much as it does.
For the floor in the bedroom, the Smithsonian chose Portuguese cork for its warmth and texture.
The bathroom is tiled;
Each tile is unique and can be seen in multiple colors from a lavender to a dark gray color palette.
Vanity is a limestone fossil.
Despite bold design options, 1,350-square-
The average level of the Foot house is surprisingly maintained at a medium level
Room size, small terrace and deck.
By doing a lot of work and shopping around on its own, it enters for about $125 per square foot.
Nearby, construction costs vary from $100 to $300 per square foot.
Garfield Smith has arranged several other design work before he even finished the work;
People will drive by and ask for his card.
He never moved back to Toronto.
He married Fisher last year.
They also live in Venice, just a few blocks from his sister and Torres.
Sharon Smith finally discovered the meaning of home. -
Get everything she doesn\'t know what she wants in the deal.
\"The House gives me a feeling of unlimited possibilities,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s like living in a sculpture.
Every time I go home, it lifts my spirits. ”*(
Start text of the infobox)
Affordable elements Sharon Smith and her brother Garfield are looking for unusual but reasonably priced materials when transforming a Venice bungalow.
Including the dining room floor, kitchen counter and tailgate (in 12-, 18-and 24-inch squares)
Tropical marble and granite at 1431 Colorado Avenue.
Santa Monica ,(310)451-0838, www. tileemporium. com.
Bathroom tiles, Desert Lights and desert clove style, discount tile center, 8627 Venice Avenue. Los Angeles ,(310)202-1915.
Floating roof, limestone fossil, brother burheat. , 1636 11th St.
Santa Monica ,(310)450-6556, www. bourgetbros. com.
Brazilian slate for dining table, brother burheat’ “boneyard.
Cork flooring for bedroom floors (12-
1 square inchHalf inch thick)
5657 Santa Monica Avenue, felt City. , Hollywood, (323)469-0063.
Douglas fir, bedroom and kitchen cabinets, Anderson Plywood, 4020 Sepulveda Avenue. Culver City ,(310)397-8229, www. Anderson Plywoodcom.
Glass doors pre-installed and used throughout the house, Stock Building Supply (
Used to be Terry Lumber)
3860 Junyi Avenue. , Mar Vista, (310)881-2001, www. terrylumber. com.
Rock Garden (Mexican River Rock)1-to 2-inch)
Balboa brick Supply Co. , Ltd.
16841 Roscoe Avenue. , Van Nuys, (818)785-7492, www. balboabrick. com. --Andrea R.
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