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If you have done the packing part right during your move

by:KingKonree     2020-08-13

Let's begin with the many items which you keep in the bathroom. You are most likely to fine many items which have gone past the use-by date and it is the right time to clear the clutter and start packing. Pack the valid products like creams and lotions in bags which are spill proof; sealed properly lest they should burst open during the move. Medicines and pills that have lived beyond their expiry dates should be dump in a deliberated manner. Recent researches reveal that discarding medicines in the liquid form and pills down the drain pollute the local water supply. The suggested way to get rid of these medicines is by returning them to the pharmacy that has the means to properly dispose of them.

Next it is time to arrange your stuff of the bathroom under categories and get a correct inventory of the items. You may want to give away and donate old towels; wash up the shower curtain if applicable. Secure your towels from moisture by packing them in bags and close them once protected by dryer sheets. You should not pack products and items which are likely to melt on the way. Rusty tweezers, scissors and shavers should be done away with. Sheets, you are no longer in need of can be given away for donation.

At your new home, before you unpack, clean up the bathroom. Start from the ceiling because germs breed on the ceiling as much as they do on the floor and walls. In case you want to repaint the ceiling, do so and use a semi-gloss paint. This helps in easy cleaning and keeps moisture at bay from seeping into the walls. Once you are done, you can start unpacking your bathroom items. If you want to differentiate the owners of the items, you can use colored baskets, hangers, bins etc which is a good idea while monogramming towels is a cheap way to mark ownership.

In case you are relocating to a busy city like Noida, you and the movers and packers can expect a field day. The packers and movers are professionally managed which means that handling unexpected situations comes easy to them.

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