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It is amazing what people will do to get an extra

by:KingKonree     2020-09-12

Triple Dispenser

A great way to save time in the shower is having everything you need in the same place. This triple liquid dispenser mounts to your shower wall with silicone adhesive and two-way tape (included) and has three storage areas for keeping shower gel, shampoo, or lotion. Just press a button and this unit dispenses the perfect amount of liquid, cutting down on waste. By mounting your shower supplies to your wall you are also freeing up space on any built-in shelves in your shower and reducing clutter. The containers also lift right out of the unit so it is easy to refill them. The unit has several hooks so you can hang your razor or any other shower accessories. The triple dispenser is a must-have for anyone who is typically in a rush in the morning.

Fog Free Mirror with Razor Hook

Getting a good close shave in the morning doesn't have to take forever. Shave while you shower and ensure the closest cut with this fog free mirror. It is a breeze to install this unit, and to re-position it at any time, because of its vinyl bracket. It requires no glue or hardware so there is never any damage to your shower walls. The mirror measures 6' X 9.85' and includes a stainless steel razor hook. Save time by multi-tasking.

Vertical Pill Dispenser

Whether it is vitamins, supplements, or prescriptions, nearly everyone takes their daily dose of something or other in the morning. But if you are on a more complicated prescription schedule and find yourself in a rush in the morning you can end up wasting valuable time trying to remember what dosages to take. The vertical pill dispenser lets you do all of that thinking ahead of time, a whole week ahead of time! Seven pill drawers are stacked atop one another and labeled by day of the week. Each individual drawer is also segregated into four different compartments labeled 'breakfast,' 'lunch,' 'dinner,' and 'bed time.' Not only is the vertical pill dispenser a fantastic time saver, but it provides the peace of mind that you have taken your medication when you were supposed to.

Lucite Blow Dryer Organizer

Doing your hair and makeup in the morning takes long enough as it is, but you can save time and energy by keeping all of your daily morning products in the same place. This blow dryer organizer sits on your countertop and has seven separate containers for the storage of your day-to-day cosmetics, brushes, toothbrush, and any other grooming products you need every day. What is even better is that the organizer is specially designed to withstand the heat emitted when you store your blow dryer or curling iron in there. The Lucite blow dryer organizer is made of polycarbonate plastic and measures 9 X 7 X 6'. Look great in no time flat with this space-saving marvel.

Side Tank Four Roll Holder

It happens to everyone at some point or another. You wake up. You are still pretty groggy. You stumble to the bathroom and slowly realize with building horror the tragic truth of your situation...you are down to the cardboard at the end of the toilet paper roll. Depending on your bathroom layout this can mean several things. Maybe you are lucky enough to have some facial tissues on a shelf. Maybe you have a spare roll tucked under the sink. Or you could end up waddling with your pants around your ankles to the hall closet. Save yourself the embarrassment of running into your roommate in the hall by storing extra toilet paper where it should be stored: attached to the toilet. This handy four-roll holder hooks inside the top of your tank and hangs over the side. That means it is always an arms length away. Don't waste time (and dignity) stumbling around when (inevitably) your roll runs out. Plan ahead and be in and out in no time.

Sometimes it feels like the older we get, the less time we have to get a good night's sleep. Obligations and commitments pile up and we sacrifice being well rested a few minutes at a time. Take a pro-active step towards reclaiming your nights by streamlining your mornings with these convenient bathroom organizers.

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