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It is of little suprise that the tankless toilet

by:KingKonree     2020-08-27

But with the tankless toilet, you do not have a tank sitting above or behind the bowl. When you flush a tankless toilet, the water that provides the cleaning function comes directly from your homes pressure fed water supply line.

To remove waste products, the toilet without a tank has to use a good volume of water to achieve it's aims effectively.

Apart from the lack of a tank at the back, these toilets look quite similar to a standard unit. These tankless models also use a small electric pump to effectively pull the required amount of water from the home supply. A pump is not always required, and the water source and water pressure will help to dictate whether you need one or not.

The height of the toilet above ground level, or the height of the household water supply will be important considerations too. Plumbing for these toilets is often located under the floor or in the walls, creating a neat, uncluttered effect. The small pumps is often very easy to conceal in the bathroom and will most likely be undetectable unless you know where it is.

Before deciding on such a toilet, get a plumber out to do a site survey, to cover any problems that may arise during the installation process. Space saving is one of the main reasons people install this design of toilet in their homes.

Even the removal of the tank from the back of your toilet can create a suprising amount of extra space in the bathroom. A few upgrades to the plumbing are usually all that is needed to replace your old toilet with on of these tankless ones.

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