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kitchen sink drain installation: how to do it properly

by:KingKonree     2020-04-25
The kitchen sink drain is an important part of the kitchen and must be handled with care.
Like other home fixtures, it can cause various problems such as water leakage as the sink age.
In order to solve this problem, the old kitchen sink drain pipe must be replaced with the new one.
In order to drain the water from the sink into the drain, the new one must be installed correctly.
If your sink drain is broken or old and you want to install the new one, you should know the technology you have installed yourself so you can save a lot of money.
It\'s not a bad idea to have a professional plumber do it because you may not have time to do it or you\'re not sure you can do it properly.
However, if you decide to give it a try yourself, all you need is a few simple household tools and a silicone sealant.
The installation of the kitchen sink drain pipe is very simple and can be installed by every homeowner.
You should start by cutting off the tip of the silicone seal dispenser with a knife.
Continue this process by applying a sealant around a pre-cut drain hole located at the bottom of the sink.
This silicone sealing function prevents any leakage.
Next, install the sink drain into the drain hole by firmly pushing it into place.
Cover the sticking thread at the bottom of the drain pipe with a thin layer of pipe thread compound.
Once done, screw the nut into the thread and screw it firmly.
The final step is to clean the excess sealing material that spreads to the rest of the bottom of the sink.
In addition, before the connection thread is screwed into place, you can also wrap the tape of the plumber.
The new kitchen sink is now available.
Be sure to make sure everything is tightly and correctly installed to prevent leakage.
If you can\'t remember the step by step instructions above, you can print it out or get a manual of instructions.
It is important for you to follow these steps to make sure the sink works properly.
Don\'t be afraid of making mistakes during installation, because it should not be difficult to fix them.
If you can\'t correct the error, just call a professional plumber to get the whole job done.
You can even learn from plumbers so you can install it yourself next time.
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