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kitchens are dirtier than bathrooms, study finds

by:KingKonree     2020-10-18
New york-If you want to have dinner on a clean floor, you can try your bathroom.
A study released on Wednesday found that the kitchen sink contained more bacteria than the bathroom sink.
The study also found that
The USA kitchen fabric and sponge are heavily contaminated with harmful bacteria, which means proper cleaning
It may be difficult to get up.
The study was sponsored by the manufacturer of the cleaning product Lysol, but the company did not design the study.
Independent environmental scientists collected samples from 20 families with children in seven regions, including the United States. K. , the U. S.
Germany, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and India.
At the international level, there are 90 kitchen cloths, 46 kitchen sinks, 38 bathroom sinks and 14 children\'s toys that have not been tested, meaning that they have more than 100,000 bacteria per square centimeter.
Bacteria include E. coli.
E. coli and salmonella may be carried by food, children or pets, the researchers said.
They can cause diarrhea or flu.
Symptoms like especially dangerous for children, the elderly and pregnant women.
\"Bacteria found a happy home in a sponge.
When you wipe, you pick up food and drinks that bacteria can make a living on, \"said Charles Geba, professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, who was not involved in the study.
John Oxford, who led the study, is a virus professor at St. basolomew and Queen Mary\'s School of Medicine and the Royal London Hospital of dentistry, warning that families have invested a lot of energy in cleaning toilets, but there is not that much time invested in keeping the kitchen clean.
\"You can have dinner in the United States. S.
\"The toilet, but there is a lack of appreciation, and the kitchen sink may be contaminated with fecal organisms, either fruits and vegetables, or pets and children,\" he said . \".
But it is not impossible to keep clean.
Dean Clifford, a professor of food safety at the University of California, suggested using --minute high-
Blast in the microwave oven, wash your hands and avoid flushing chicken in the sink.
Or completely forget the sponge-Professor Elizabeth Scott of Boston Simmons health and wellness center suggested cleaning up food spills and dumping with paper towels.
Ironically, Gerba says his own findings suggest that living like a sloth is better than cleaning the kitchen carefully with a dirty sponge.
A study he conducted 10 years ago found that ten per cent of kitchen sponges contained salmonella.
One of his most amazing discoveries is that the kitchen of The Bachelor is the cleanest.
They just threw plates into the kitchen sink and didn\'t spread the bacteria by wiping the surface.
Another discovery of Gerba is that your post
The toilet bowl is really cleaner than your kitchen sink.
\"That\'s why your dog drinks,\" he said . \"
\"He might watch you drink in the kitchen sink and think, \'human.
It\'s disgusting.
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