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Koramangala is the top place in Bangalore, there

by:KingKonree     2020-12-08

Following are some best restaurant near and in Koramangala.

Ambrosia: Ambrosia quite literally comes as a saving grace for expatriates living in Bangalore . The place serves excellent international cuisines. Apart from just great food, Ambrosia is also known for its picture perfect ambiance. The restaurant serves excellent Italian, Mexican and Spanish delicacies along with a few selected Indian dishes.

Mama Mia Store - Koramangala: Mama Mia! gelato opens another gelato parlour in the city. Located in the residential area of Koramangala, this is just the place one needs to cool down in. Complete with plush sofas, and adequate seating and fun board games to play, this is a fun place to hang out with both friends and family. The outdoor space will let one enjoy the beautiful weather of Bangalore.

Kobe Sizzlers: Kobe Sizzlers is a restaurant that has been offering the highest quality fresh products and exemplary services in a beautiful atmosphere making it an ideal destination for a perfect meal.

Barbeque Nation, Koramangala: The all new, prefix menu and dining experience which comes with a live grill, right on your table. Allowing you to grill your dishes, exactly your way. Experience a Cooking that has your contribution in basting the food with your Favorite marinade and give that finishing touch that you prefer. A range of sumptuous buffet followed by scrumptious Dessert. Definitely you can call it a Unique Barbeque Nation experience.

Aangan: Aangan calls itself a fine dining Punjabi restaurant and serves up pretty predictable fare, of the sort that's well-liked among Bangaloreans. The restaurant on Lady Curzon Road is is popular with the office-goers in the area for lunch, offering a buffet for Rs 150, all inclusive. Evenings are for candle-lit meals here. The newer Koramangala branch is slightly more upscale in terms of ambience. And at Electronic City, it's a rooftop restaurant crowning the Aangan Residency hotel.

Bangaliana: You climb a narrow flight of stairs to reach this eatery, which is just a small, unadorned room. But the mainly Bengali diners who flock here, craving a taste of home, don't bother with that. They order, they tuck in, wash their hands in the wash basin outside and go away satisfied. With its emphasis on food and not frills, Bangaliana fills a long-felt gap in these parts, a place to get genuine Bengali meals.

Chettinad Express: Chettinad seems to be the new Andhra, and this eatery cashes in on that popularity. It's more spruce than your average darshini, but comforts are still basic. The menu is made up all the spicy Chettinad creations-Chicken Chettinad, Mutton Pepper Fry and the like. These should go down well with those who can take the heat. But for something different, try the Paniyarams served with chutneys. These fluffy morsels are a real Chettinad Express treat!

Silsila: Silsila is a multi-cuisine restaurant located at the Silicrest business hotel. The interior and decor of the restaurant contribute in making your dining experience memorable. The restaurant is known for its North Indian and oriental delicacies. The music at the Silsila is soothing. Silsila is also popular for fast food restaurants.

Aiwas Broast Chicken: Kentucky Fried Chicken meats business ideas from the Gulf here. Broast, according to the Dubai-returned proprietor, is a hi-tech frying method used here for the chicken portions. Other than Broast Chicken, this eatery in Koramangala also has an Arabian section serving Shawarma and a selection of Middle Easters breads. Arabic music plays in the background in an attempt to set the mood.

Bay Leaf: Seated in this stylish place you get to catch bustle of Koramangala through huge bay windows. The menu includes all the North Indian staples --Paneer Tikka, Baigan Bharta, Kheema Mutter and Aloo Tikki. The restaurant promises a fine dining experience, but while the ambience is smart, the food has slipped down to become quite unexceptional.

Apart from those restaurants you can try for Beijing Bites Restaurant, Bhagini Restaurant, Bharatiyan Food, Bhojohori Manna, Blue Spice, Boca Grande and so many top restaurants in Koramangala.

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