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man who said \'women\'s feet are shorter to be nearer kitchen sink\' fails to be elected

by:KingKonree     2020-05-03
Irish Farmers Association (IFA)
The candidate joked that women had smaller feet so they could be closer to the kitchen sink, but he failed to become the next president of Ulster/North Leinster.
Poultry farmer Nigel Regen was elected president of ifa arst/North Leins zone tonight.
He won 1111 votes in two votes, compared to 787 in Spier. candidate race.
Spears later apologized for his remarks, but he was strongly criticized by members of the association.
In the seven-nation elections, Reneghan won a majority in each country, bar Cavan-
The hometown of Spier.
At the meeting at Westmeath Mullingar, Kenneth Bray, chairman of the IFA Committee, asked the two candidates how the organization could engage more women and young people.
According to Mr Bray, \"James said he was going to make a joke,\" the joke was that \"women\'s feet are getting smaller so they can get closer and closer to the kitchen\", but it doesn\'t fit very well with the room.
\"He also said that women did a lot of work behind the scenes on the farm, including a lot of paperwork and support their families, but that sentence disappeared like a lead balloon.
\"Neither candidate had any ideas on how to get more women or young people to join the group, and the county president said the atmosphere in the room after the debate did not appreciate the phrase.
A source said: \"It could be a storm in tea --
But it certainly upset some very dedicated female IFA members throughout the region \".
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