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Many people know what sinks are and what they

by:KingKonree     2020-08-12

Vessel sink vanities come in several shapes, sizes and designs and you can even opt to have on custom made for you. This will allow you the freedom of choosing the exact design, material and finish that you want so that it can blend in perfectly with your house. They are also quite useful to have in the bathroom.

Components of vessel sinks

Bathroom vessel sinks are comprised of a bowl shaped sink, a water source which is normally a tap and a drainage pipe. The drainage pipe is important for allowing the flow of water out of the sink and into the drainage system. It is always good to ensure that all the components are kept clean especially the sink and the pipe. Should there be a blockage in the sink or pipe; the result will be flooding of your bathroom. Avoid forcing solids down the pipe because these are the most likely to cause a blockage.

Vessel sink vanities comprise of a piece of furniture that has a sink mounted on its top. It therefore serves as a sink and a storage unit as well. They are made from glass, wood or granite among several other materials. Their designs vary based on individual tastes and preferences but the basic functions remain the same. Those made from stones such as granite and marble are the most preferred due to their durability.


Bathroom vessel sinks greatly improve the look of a bathroom. The days when a bathroom was considered one of the places that did not need any attention in terms of decoration are long gone. Not only are vessel sink vanities good looking but they also provide a lot of additional storage space and considering the number of appliances used in modern bathrooms, a little extra space to put away your toiletries and equipment will be much welcome.

They also reduce clutter in the bathroom which is another advantage reaped from their drawers and shelves on which items can be neatly arranged. The traditional bathrooms do not come equipped with a lot of storage space and so adding these sink vanities will solve any storage problems that you may have had in the past.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there is a size, shape and color that are suitable for you. The availability of the option to customize one means that it will be designed to suit your every need and preference

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