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marble countertops: a guide to choosing & maintaining white marble

by:KingKonree     2020-04-03
In choosing kitchen countertops, classic white marble is still the preferred choice for many homeowners.
It\'s not surprising that marble countertops are so popular. -
This material has attracted thousands of fans.
The AD100 architect said, \"This is a wide variety of natural materials, depending on the type and cutting method you choose. \"Russell Groves.
\"It creates a very lovely natural pattern, not a lot of artificial materials.
Evan Nussbaum, vice president of Stone Source in New York, added: \"In nature, you don\'t find anything as white as white marble. \"
\"You just can\'t see this color and shape in any other type of natural stone.
\"But this is not the perfect product. While good-
High quality marble, such as the world-
The famous products of Carrara in Italy are compact and relatively porous. -
This makes them durable and easy to dye. -resistant—
They also have weaknesses.
Marble is a kind of unconsolidated metamorphic rock, usually composed of calcium carbonate. (
The same ingredients used in antacids (e. g. tumors)
Or magnesium carbonate, reacting with acids.
Acidic kitchen liquids, such as lemon juice or vinegar, corrode marble, leaving a dim white mark that slightly erodes the marble surface, even after the marble is sealed.
However, as long as you carefully choose, know what you expect, and care about white marble countertops, they can become a beautiful, functional choice for your kitchen design, which will last a lifetime.
Although many people automatically think of milky white stone when they think of marble, \"there are hundreds,\" says Jason Cherrington, founder and general manager of the American Marble Association. K. -
Headquartered in Lapidica, Stone Company, it includes grayish brown, green, gold, red and black.
However, for marble kitchen countertops, Nussbaum usually recommends white.
Because acid etching leaves a white mark, it is more obvious on coloured marble than on white marble.
\"We have a thousand warnings about any dark marble or non-white marble used on kitchen countertops, but it\'s a personal choice,\" he said.
Nussbaum points out that Italian classic white marble, such as calacatta and statuario, is usually of good quality and a great kitchen idea. -
High-quality marble can be bought near home, including Vermont Denby and Colorado Jules.
How to choose a marble slab is slightly different from each slab, so it is ideal to choose the exact stone that will be used on your table.
\"Marble is an art-
Groves said: \"Choose the slate and know where the texture will be on the worktable. \"
\"You want to place these marks skillfully, making them almost like a picture.
\"At the same time, it is important to consider how different parts are combined.
Groves said, \"The longer the work without seams, the better. \"
\"If you do have seams, bookings are always good. -
Match the marble, \"so the adjacent parts have a mirror appearance.
A Piece of Moncler Danby Cross-cut marble.
The source texture of marble quarry is different, but some types of marble can be cut in two different ways to obtain unique texture patterns.
Nussbaum said that crosscutting, or Friuli cutting, would produce \"flowering patterns\" of stone, which seems very random, is the ideal choice for books. -matching.
Venectomy, or stripes, is another way of slicing pieces to achieve a linear, striped appearance.
\"Designers use these two cuts to create some fantastic looks,\" Cherrington said.
\"They can use a vein incision on the wall and a cross incision on the floor. ”Vein-
Marble cutting makes the appearance linear.
Cherrington said: \"Photographs provided by Shiyuan Marble Decoration\" The whole stone industry has experienced a tremendous technological wave and is changing its products, pointing out that there are more ways than ever to complete stone, including different scrubbing and polishing technologies. An orange-peel-
Texture, he points out, is possible, which \"may be called leather, brush or river. \" -wash finish.
But the most popular option is still polishing, which looks lustrous, or polishing, which seems matte.
Nussbaum recommends the use of frosted finishes for homeowners worried about acid erosion.
\"On polished surfaces, etching makes the surface dim and more visible,\" he said.
\"With sharpening, you have been slow to finish, so it hides it.
\"In addition to its natural beauty, marble has been so popular in history for sculpture for another reason: it\'s easy to use tools.
Add modern computer numerical control(CNC)
Milling machine formula and almost any possible kitchen decoration.
There are innumerable edge contours to choose from, but Groves prefers simple, gentle edges, which reduces the sharpness of line 90. -degree corner.
Cherrington points out that a bull nose with a semi-circular profile is also the most popular and practical winner ever.
\"Hard stones like marble are fragile, so if you hit 90-
There\'s something hard on the corner of the degree, and it\'s going to break up, \"he said.
\"With a curve, it\'s less likely to break up. \"Give thin-
Groves says that with an oblique joint at the edge of the table, you can add a thicker, almost seamless appearance.
\"You can build a very good thickness. -
He said: \"It seems that this work does not need to use planks. \"
It\'s even possible to carve the edges of white marble countertops with patterns of your choice, Cherrington says, noting that Lapidica has developed marble countertops in collaboration with designer Besan Grey, with a Brogg pattern carved on the edges. A Carrara-
Lapidida\'s top dining table has a carved edge.
The picture is provided by Lapidicama. Maintenance of marble countertops using permeable sealants for surface treatment of marble countertops is critical for the long term. -
Nussbaum said that the term \"performance\" is \"but not a magic bullet\".
Acids still corrode the surface.
Fortunately, if there is a polished surface on the table, Scotch whiskey can usually be scrubbed with Comet ointment to remove the etching marks. -
He said Britt Padd.
If it is a polished surface, it needs different abrasives and technical skills, preferably left to professionals.
If marble is indeed stained, it can usually be removed with an alkaline ointment, which gradually pulls the problematic substance out of the stone as it dries out.
However, he pointed out that any of these interventions would destroy the sealing layer, and therefore need to be re-applied after repair.
\"The advantage of marble is that you can always flatten it or polish it again,\" Groves said.
\"There are many other materials, and once you damage them, you can\'t do that.
However, perhaps the best way to live with marble countertops is simply to accept that they will turn bronze over time.
\"If you go to an old bakery or pizza shop and see the shine of white marble and like it, it may be your ideal material,\" Nussbaum said.
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