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seven useful gifts for senior citizens

by:KingKonree     2020-10-21
New Delhi [India], Nov 28 (ANI)
: With the care of EMIs and the safety of children in life, today\'s old age is really a good time to enjoy and control your life without worrying about the world.
But unfortunately, as you get older, certain problems can be hampered in this trip to unfettered enjoyment.
Here are 7 gifts that are useful to the elderly who will help to provide and maintain the confidence of the elderly: 1.
Cost of wall mounted security alert: Rs
1,700 the safety alarm installed almost on the wall is a simple gift that the elderly can put next to the bathroom, bed and toilet.
It also has a wall-mounted security alarm with a siren of 120 db.
In an emergency, one can reconnect it to stop the alarm just by pulling the line.
The safety alarm installed on the wall also has a flash. 2.
Orthopedic Memory Mattress mattress/pillowcaseRs.
About 8,500 | pillows-Rs.
1,300 memory foam mattress may be the best gift for people with frequent sleep problems.
Companies like Wakefit have designed an innovative product called plastic memory foam mattresses and pillows that build themselves based on specific body types.
These mattresses provide the best comfort and good sleep, which is within one\'s budget. 3.
Toilet safety railway fee: Rs
The 3,500 toilet safety track is a device that can be easily installed to an existing toilet.
It has two handles that make it easier and safer to get up and sit on the toilet. Made of high-
The toilet safety track is made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand the wet environment that is commonly present in the Indian bathroom.
The width of the railing can be adjusted to fit most Western closets. 4.
Nail Clippers with a magnifying glass cost: about Rs 600, vision problems are common when a person gets older.
Fortunately, some organizations have come forward to make a Clipper with a magnifying glass to help the elderly trim their nails. 5.
Packing cost for health check: Rs.
10,000 many diagnostic centers and hospitals in approximatelyA are offering specially planned health packages for the elderly, including general testing and aged counseling.
Hospitals like Apollo and Fortis.
A special health package for the elderly can also be given to grandparents to ensure their health. 6.
Cost: Rs.
6,000 videophone is the ultimate security solution in contemporary society.
Widely used in homes, apartments and businesses, they have proven themselves to be very useful in terms of safety, especially when someone lives alone.
It also comes with advanced night vision cameras that protect the elderly while other family members are away from home.
Brands such as Godrej and Ziacom.
Known for their video door phones. 7.
Cost of motion sensor switch: from Rs.
Using the motion sensor switch, about 590 to 3,000, it is easier for the elderly to navigate in the dark.
When someone moves in the dark, the motion sensor switch turns on the light, thus avoiding fumbling or tripping your loved one. (ANI)
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