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shattered family of mother-of-two, 39, who died on board a sydney harbour party boat say she was accidentally locked in the toilet with poisonous gas

by:KingKonree     2020-10-18
The grief-
A mother\'s family. of-
Two people killed on a party ship in Sydney harbor believe she was locked in a toilet with toxic gas.
Shalina Abdulhussein, 39 found three of the dull bathroom sink
Lady Rose catamaran at the level of February 2.
Her upset husband, Daljit Singh, buried her on Monday and said he believed his wife died because she was trapped.
He is now considering legal action.
Mr. Singh told his wife\'s family that he believed that the renovation of the toilet compartment sink allowed toxic gas to flood into the cabin.
The toilet was filled with excessive hydrogen sulfide, he said, and his wife tried to open the door of the windowless compartment.
Abdul in Hussein MS of aunt Zahra in Barr, think she of niece in inhalation toxic gas a few seconds after heart disease attack.
Her husband was shocked.
She told the Daily Telegraph at her home in London that he said Shalina had no chance and that it was understandable that he wanted the answer.
\"We were all shocked, but now her husband is numb and he is in a mode of survival for both of their children.
\"He admired Selena very much, she only stayed on the boat for four hours to celebrate her birthday and she was happy to go and he didn\'t expect to see her again.
The crew on Mrs. Ross\'s ship did not realize the mother. of-
The two went missing until a friend called the police.
They removed the door of the cubicle, but it was too late.
The Australian Maritime Safety Agency and RMS continued to investigate the death, and investigators found defects in other vessels, including the vessel\'s sewage treatment system.
According to reports, the gathering on the same boat as Abdul Hussein MS complained that she suffered a \"strange smile\" hours before she was found dead \".
A report on her death is being prepared for the coroner.
Australia\'s Daily Mail has contacted cruise ships on all occasions to comment.
It is understood that the company will not comment until all the facts are known.
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