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Shower room: How to judge the quality of the shower room?

by:KingKonree     2021-08-30
Shower room: How to judge the quality of the shower room? Whether you live in a big house with your parents, a warm nest with your lover, or a small OR small room where you live alone, there is a comfortable shower space, so you can better pursue the beauty in your heart every day Life. To have a comfortable shower space, high-quality shower rooms are of course indispensable. There are so many shower rooms on the market and there are countless large and small brands. How to judge the quality of the shower room? 01. Look at the glass, mainly choose clear and transparent glass. The impurity of the glass material or the defects of the craftsmanship will cause the glass to have defects such as dots and bubbles, which is not only unsightly, but also reduces the hardness and strength of the glass. 02. Look at the details. Most brands have good surface treatments for the appearance of the shower room, but the hidden details are hard to say. For example, door clips usually look beautiful on the front; but if you look closely at the back and corners, except for the big brands of the shower room, which can maintain the same appearance, the workmanship of most brands is relatively rough. Yes, on the one hand, it is cost-saving, on the other hand, the processing technology cannot keep up. 03. Look at the certified products of regular brands with 3C certification, and there is no certification. There is no doubt that they are produced by cottage factories or small workshops. As for the shower room, in addition to the 3C certification, the product also strictly implements the ISO9001:2008 quality system and complete production management mode. Every shower room has been carefully manufactured, so that the safety, waterproofness, sliding and smoothness of the shower room far exceed the standards of the same industry. 04. Listening to the sound is not the sound of knocking on the glass. Although the sound of tempered glass is crisper and the sound of ordinary glass is dull, it is difficult to compare the two without putting them together. In addition, there are many styles of shower room, the glass is completely nested in the frame, the sound will be dull when tapped, so this method is not very suitable. We mainly listen to the sound of opening and closing movable doors. High-quality shower room, pulleys, door clamps, hinges and other movable parts. The sound of the movable door is relatively uniform and thin when it is opened and closed. If there is a harsh noise, either the movable door is not installed or the quality of the movable parts no. The house is rented, but life is not. People who truly understand life always have an exquisite heart that turns decadence into a miracle. The shower room is willing to join hands with you to start a better life. (
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