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solid surface expo 2003 sets records: the sixth annual trade show attracted nearly 3,400 people.

by:KingKonree     2019-12-14
The nomadic solid surface Expo is held at the sixth different venue and will have another new home when it returns to Las Vegas in 2004.
In February, Version 2003 attracted nearly 3,400 visitors from all over the world. 17-
Mandalay Bay Resort & Conference Center. The three-
The day\'s event included a complete set of business and technical workshops for solid surface and engineering stone manufacturers.
A total of 144 exhibitions covering an area of nearly 40,000 square feet.
There are fewer large machines on display this year than last year, as some manufacturers of CNC routers, vertical panel saws and Sanders have narrowed down their presence or have not exhibited at all.
During the exhibition, the International Association of solid surface manufacturers announced.
This exhibition has been sold to the positions Div of Cygnus Business Media.
ISSFA will continue to sponsor the program it made when it moved to the Las Vegas Convention Center in March 4 --6,2004.
Here are some product introductions and highlights of the 2003 solid surface Expo.
The products are divided into three categories: solid surface materials and products, manufacturing equipment, tools and accessories.
Acrystone is provided by Aristech Acrylic Resin Co. , Ltd. , 1/8-in. (3mm)
Solid Surfaces in multiple colors and sizes are available.
Custom colors are also available. Circle 261 (800)354-9858 www.
Samsung Staron has introduced natural textures and patterns of 10 solid surface materials, including 6 new Pebble looks.
Introduce the promotion of its overall palette to more than 50 options.
1/4 products-in. and 1/2-in.
Paper applied vertically and horizontally. Circle 262 (800)795-7177 www. staron.
The 2003 solid surface treatment catalogue of Com Formica includes four-
Non-color photography
The traditional use of materials includes geometric school tables, picnic tables, wall tiles, etc.
The catalog also highlights 72 color and pattern choices for the company and summarizes the attributes, features, and test data. Circle 263 (800)367-6422 www. formica.
Core of Centura-
Lite is a lightweight plastic honeycomb core that sticks to 1/4-in.
Solid surface sheet.
The company says the core and patented bonding process eliminates the layering caused by moisture or expansion.
It is available in 15 colors and six bowl styles. Circle 264 (317)867-5555 www.
Centurion surface.
Avonite\'s glass collection has a wide range of effects including antiques, cobalt, scrubs and sky.
The glass series uses backlight to produce compelling results. Circle 265 (800)428-6648 www. avonite.
Veritek bathtubs and Bath niches are available at aggreystcolors.
Veritek is a compression-
Molded Materials with glossy surfaces;
The color is molded throughout the material. The one-
The piece-count bathtub is 16in.
High, 1 1/2-in.
In order to ensure the waterproof installation, a waterproof flange is adopted.
It has standard white, bone and bisque colors and seven granite colors. Circle 266 (314)231-8148 www. swanstone.
Com Cal Crystal offers solid surface accessories made by JJ Design in all colors in Conan, as well as a selection of colors for Gibraltar and Aven stone.
The product includes drawer knobs and handles, as well as boards for light switches and power outlets. Circle 267 (925)680-
1837 Montelli is a mineral.
Filled polymer, composite solid surface material with natural stone appearance.
It can be manufactured using traditional woodworking methods, including cutting, wiring, sanding, bending, engraving and inlay. Circle 268 (830)620-7066 www. montelli.
Net Florenata added new colors including four stone patterns and one granite.
The company says it is working to develop new textures that distinguish its solid surface materials from other products on the market. Circle 269 (561)540-4411 www. florenatausa.
Corn processing equipment and tooling star \"V\" new v-
Groover, with linear and cross groover in a space-
Saving machinery, can be used for solid surface materials, wood
Stone based and engineering.
It\'s available with 8-, 10-or 12-
Ft linear cutting capability with one or two cutting tables enables instant profile variation and unlimited width capacity. Circle 270 (877)807-1044 www. starvmachinery.
Com Elkom North America has launched the Multitherm heat source.
It combines before
Solid surface heating station with industrial vacuum for Thermoforming in a mobile machine.
The unit needs half the space for two people.
Machine thermoforming concept previously provided by elkom. Circle 271 (908)620-3900 www. elkomus.
The choice of Com manufacturers is a new solid surface processing concept introduced by AXYZ automation company.
The program is anchored by axyz\'s 7012 CNC router.
Special features include laser indicators that allow users to digitize templates quickly and accurately when combined with the digital capabilities of the router.
The machine also has aDynabrade 8-in.
Accessories of random track finishing sander (shown)
And engraving ability. Circle 272 (888)299-8840 www. fabchoice.
Com Colonial saw provides a striped vertical facing panel saw for cutting thin sheets of solid surfaces and other materials for size and v-
The new one is Striebig Control, which can automatically perform the operation functions of aw, including feed speed, saw cycle, return speed and panel end recognition. Circle 273 (781)585-4364 www. csaw.
1515 CNC router is provided.
Standard features include-
Align the pin up, auto tool length measurement, and 3,100 ipm speed.
Available options include up to 20
Tool position converter, drill bit and horizontal/vertical drilling unit. Circle 274 (866)353-9422 www. flexicam.
Com nument tools works offers compact V, solid surface V-
Groov and tailgate drive system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises
Size manufacturer. The 800-
Lb machines use standard carbide blades and hastwo 220-
V router motor.
Other features include 5-ft-
Fences, feeding machines and feeding stations that can be adjusted for a long time. Circle 275 (508)644-2400 www.
Monumenttoolworks. com Align-Rite Tool Co. offers the AR-
300 taper machine with manual radius. It cuts 3/8-in.
Using the radius of the receiving bow, the edge of the inclined plane-
Style positioning system. Porter-
Cable 310 router and custom beeline included. Circle 276 (888)624-1942 www. alignritetool.
The solid surface tool program of Gladu includes saw blade, router drill bit, blade cutting head, contour cutting head and cow nose cutterheads.
Special manuals for solid surface manufacturers include product specifications and attached photos. Circle 277 (800)363-9117 www. gladu.
New 4 of Com Onsrud Cutter
Page brochure summarizes its solid surface tools for router applications.
The project includes carbide and carbide-
Cutting-edge tools for various uses, from internal and peripheral wiring to engraving and modeling operations.
The manual records which tools can be used with other materials such as plastic, wood, medium fiber board, etc. Circle 278 (847)362-1560 www. onsrud.
Polymer formula for southeast tools\'s Opticut-
SSlubricant allows the cutting edge to pass through the solid surface material with less heat and friction.
It protects and seals the surface of the tool and prevents corrosion acid and resin from chemically corroded the surface when cutting, thereby reducing sharpness and increasing the life of the tool. Circle 279 (828)465-7012 www. southeasttool.
Meijia Enterprise Co. , Ltd.
Zero gap table saw plug-in is provided. Its spring-
The loaded side pins automatically place the blade on the table of the saw, eliminating the vibration and movement that may result in an excessive cut.
It can install many popular saws, including Delta, Powermatic and jet. Circle 280 (800)871-
7516 gem industry company
As an attachment to the itsport table track Sander, a body cloth dust removal system is provided.
The shroud can be ordered separately or pre-assembled with a new machine.
The export pipeline of the corpse cloth is 1/2.
However, an adapter is provided to use 1 1/4-in. hoses. Circle 281 (954)749-1228 www. gem-industries.
Turbine Series dust collectors and vacuum cleaners from Com Fern PowerTools
It can be used wet or dry, and the accessory filter can reach 0. 3micron.
It is reported that the dust collector can be combined with the random track Sanders of Fein to reach 98% dust
Free polishing system. Circle 282 (800)441-9878 www. feinus.
Atlantic Machinery
Distribute coral filters.
These vacuum cleaners, using filter cartridge filters, can capture fine dust, including solid surface dust generated by a sanding operation. Circle 283 (860)3654-7200 www. atlanticmach.
Scotch-Com 3m grinding system-
The Brite Hookit disc used on random track Sanders.
They\'re in 5-in. , 6-in, and 8-in. diameters. Circle 284 (651)736-7460 www. 3M.
Com/finishingsystems ETemplate Photo is an electronic template system that can be used in the solid surface, laminate and stone industries.
It uses digital photography to develop accurate CAD-
The base template of the countertop.
Advantages include reduced work
Time is measured on site, the ability to easily capture complex curves and angles, and the ability to send a CADtemplate directly to a CNC router. Circle 285 (919)676-2244 www. Etemplatesstem.
Com Phototop is a photographic measurement template software that uses a digital camera for accurate countertop measurement, within 1/10.
Available from incounts.
The electronic template made can be sent directly to the ONG router for processing. Circle 286 (800)588-5909 www. incounters. corn Saint-
GE ban grinding company
Provide Norton grinding disk for solid surface polishing.
Including a variety of Micron
Paper and film products. Circle 287 (800)551-4415 www. Nortonabrasves. com E-
Information Editor Note: Use emailinfo at www. iswonline.
Com, Wood & Wood Products\'s free online reader service, which can receive information about the product in this issue more quickly.
Related articles: The winner of the competition presents all entries of the six ISSFA design contest, showing a solid surface multi-functional imagination and creativity.
Proving that solid surface materials are far more than just a simple rikidsheetgood in terms of potential use, entries from the 6 th ISSFA design competition show a wide range of ideas, the solid surface is also shown as a flexible material with unlimited design possibilities.
Imaginative works are on display throughout the two exhibitions
On February, dayExpo was held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. 18-19.
The winners of five awards were announced at the Association\'s awards banquet on February. 18.
Each of the four winners received acheck for $1,000;
The \"Best Show\" champion won $3,000.
The event was sponsored by Como machines.
The award-winning project not only demonstrates the versatility of solid surface materials, but also pays tribute to the technical skills and artistry of the manufacturers who make them.
The most artistic is Marvic\'s Al D\'Alessandro\'s dirty boat. , Union, NJ.
This complicated 62-inch-
The paid boat includes anchor, hot mast and bird\'s nest.
Best performance: Le Pot de Fleurs from Honolulu, HI, solid surface technology \". The 40-
The inch-high vase was produced by DuPont\'s Conan company with flowers in it.
Most Imaginative: dynamic sculpture by Tom Pinsk, Pinsk Edge, Plato and MN.
This work is characterized by the spiral movement pattern of Obang Conan in the context of Avani.
Business: \"Farmers sink\" by the surface of the pound, the pound, the horse.
The sink was manufactured by DuPont Crean, which included a complex and detailed apron.
Residence: \"Hot belt light\" in tfi llc, Chico, CA.
Thislamp includes soft curved trunks and thermoforming leaves that bend around the globe.
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