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still tied to the kitchen sink

by:KingKonree     2020-05-11
So you think women are well liberated, think about it.
In her new book, the whole woman, she thinks women have made themselves complacent.
Women in the post-90 s did not get everything, but were deceived to adapt to false equality.
She asked why domestic labor is still tyranny as it was a thousand years ago and domestic work should be abolished.
In the world of reason, meaningless repetition
Production activities are considered to be obsessive-compulsive disorder of all kinds.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
People who say they like to do housework, or need to do housework, or do housework to make them feel good will be called addicts.
Once someone cleans her toilet every day, the therapist comes to her house and takes her back for the principles of reason and happiness.
We have Professor Jean.
Claude Kaufman of Sorbonne told us that housework is a deep sensory experience for women, that is, not for themselves.
Women do humble work because it will excite them;
It won\'t excite people, so they shouldn\'t be expected to do so.
Oddly enough, isn\'t it, how much does a man know about the feeling they \'ve never seen before?
Washing produces an outbreak of happiness.
According to him, a rhythmic, repetitive, unconscious task is sexual expectation, establishing a pleasant tension before the marriage relationship reaches its climax.
It is obviously not enough to pretend in bed;
Now, even when cleaning the toilet, women have to pretend to be sexually aroused.
Nowadays, housework is not just about using people,
It requires a bunch of machines, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, food processors, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers, lots of water, electricity and detergent to get into it, and a bunch of technicians, when they fail, they give them treatment and charge them more than the doctor does at home.
Although the domestic worker did not scrub and polish the floor now, nor did she pound clothes on the laundry board, nor did she set aside a night of ironing, she was equally busy.
Hover, spray-and-
Wipe and fill the clothes in the washing machine.
As more and more household appliances appear in more and more families, they bring more leisure to family workers.
Who might have to make money to pay them too].
Changing cleaning standards and concepts allow more time for cleaning work
More than ever before.
Kitchen countertops need to be wiped frequently;
Whenever footprints or pawns appear, the kitchen floor needs to be towed away;
The bathtub must be cleaned between the bathtubs;
Going to the toilet once a day is not enough.
Every few minutes, a TV ad will illustrate the standard and show a way to achieve it, tightening the head lock of the \"housewife.
The TV commercial recently made for Bold laundry detergent is mid-
A slim, good lens
Looks good, but not so good. looking woman.
A door opened behind her and a boy rushed in.
\"Hi Darren,\" she said.
He did not answer.
She answered herself.
\"Hi mom,\" Darren looked surprised as he walked into the bedroom.
She said, \"Thank you, Mom, for sorting out my room.
He tore off the school shirt and grabbed a new shirt from a neatly stacked pile of shirts.
He\'s going out again. .
When the neatly pressed shirt is turned out, a special effect means the Bold effect.
Mom said, \"Thank you for washing my shirt, mom. \'\' No response.
Then she said, \"I know you really appreciate me.
Darren smirks at himself in the mirror, like any mother with a doormat\'s nose git.
This ad will be shown to the focus group of \"Housewives\" in the story --
Board stage and again before transmission.
They certainly responded positively to this doting mother claim that it was training for tyrants, otherwise commercial advertising would never be broadcast.
Although feminism is trying to change people\'s attitudes, marketing is erasing its mark.
In the commercial advertisement after the commercial advertisement, the executor of the blind daily task is a smiling woman, unless someone suddenly appears a smiling man, showing a new and better way, use more products by making her look like a complete fool.
Family workers must launch a mythical battle against the intelligent creature that bacteria are described as an abnormal appearance lurking under the edge of the toilet, and if domestic workers are so remiss that one is allowed to survive, they are ready to infect helpless children.
She had more \"bacteria\" in her mouth, under her nails and in her hair than under the edge of the toilet, but did not tell the domestic worker about it.
Her mission is to remove bacteria from the world with the help of a knight in shining armor, a genie in a bottle, a white tornado.
This is the heroic use of housework.
Only when she sprayed bleach can the family worker know that she has done her duty --
There are agents in every corner of her house, even in the sewer.
The house no longer has the taste of cooking;
They taste clean.
However, the kitchen is not an operating room, and the anti-corrosion measures in the kitchen are not advisable, because it can only be achieved through a large amount of excessive use of powerful chemicals.
The Millennium food preparation takes less time than the old method;
The time to eat at and from the table has been shortened by third, but it cannot be considered that domestic workers have more leisure time as a result.
Household Work expands the time available.
The time spent not completing a task will be taken up by another task.
One day of the past week, usually washing clothes on Monday.
When the washing machine becomes cheap enough to be owned by most people, the washing is gradually completed on any day of the week and every day of the week.
Wash clothes several times a day now.
TV commercials show that the jubilant woman snatched a dirty dress from her husband or child\'s back and made it very clean in a few minutes, with the help of a group of sophisticated biotechnology, experienced the whole washing and drying process
The biogas digesters, enzymes, Meilan and a lot of electricity and water are wasted on a piece of clothing.
Kids don\'t wear jeans and T-shirts.
Before entering the machine, each shirt has more than a few hours.
The people who do all these jobs are usually women.
Advertisers and market researchers who tried to break the stereotype quickly realized their mistakes.
Nowadays, it\'s always a woman who puts food in the microwave, pulls off her apron, turns on wine, lights candles, and waits.
There is no magazine called Man and home.
When there is a woman in the House, 23% of men will agree to cook, and on special occasions they will sing and dance, leaving the cleaning work to be done by her.
The man who cleans and cleans is considered to have a wife in the hospital.
Several people who have turned around in the House are looking forward to gratitude and recognition, so they are sure that although it is their dirty, it is not their job.
The work around the house is as gender as ever.
Men did not agree to share the household chores, not to mention fair sharing, as they never agreed on how much work needed to be done.
It\'s hard to know how they do it because most of the work done at home doesn\'t need to be done.
The people who left the rotten dirty dishes in the sink were actually involved in a Game of Thrones and they didn\'t mean to lose.
All they have to do is take advantage of inertia and wait for it.
A woman will give in sooner or later, because the dirty things are not for men, but for her.
Sloppy and untidy men are considered normal: either a slut, a lazy man, or a lazy man, or a lazy man.
The external attribute becomes a moral quality, as it is not for a person.
Both ways work; a house-
The proud woman equates her spotless house with her kind self and gains a sense of self
Gain value from the neatness of her cabinet, not from the quality of her mind or soul.
The only way to get rid of this tyranny of housework is to give up the house.
You can live with nomads or hunters.
Perhaps the collector, or become a nun, has nothing but a cell that can distract you --
The excitement of prayer.
Or, maybe you can swear that no more than an hour of the day may be spent on the housework and keep it going.
As we know, this is really the end of civilization.
* Jayman Grier will be speaking tomorrow at the UCD women\'s affairs conference in befield.
The tickets are sold out.
The Daily Telegraph is about former London.
On January 30, the name \"mass (ive)sell-
This is a hint, sir.
David Hughes of Longford Donna Mary Maska is connected to another similar business.
We acknowledge that this is not the case.
We admit,
Hughes\'s character is impeccable and respected in his community.
This is by no means intended to imply the merchant mentioned in the article.
Our article incorrectly states that his Mass card was signed by Fr.
Chimbwanya was delayed.
We accept that Donna Mary\'s Volkswagen card will not make misleading statements to consumers.
We regret any harm he has suffered.
The result of our article is Hughes.
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