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Stone Resin Bathtub The facade of the new house is made of natural stone or artificial stone. I heard that both have radiation,

by:KingKonree     2018-09-19

The answer to Pig Xiaobao has been said in great detail...

Let me have some personal opinions....

In the past two years, I have been in contact with domestic stone enterprises, artificial, natural, and compound. When talking about radiation, I talked about radiation. According to the general statement, the amount of radiation is differentiated according to the type of stone on the market at this stage. If the granite has the largest amount of radiation, the other types of natural stone are second, the composite stone is relatively small, and the solid surface is not easy to say, because the main component of artificial stone is stone + adhesive, not only radiation problems, but also formaldehyde and other problems!

A person in charge of the stone company said to me: 'The tile industry has been using the radiation industry to suppress the radiation industry! We have organized a team, invited domestic experts to do experiments, tests, etc., and found that not only the stone has radiation. Same as tiles, and not smaller than stone!!!”.

I personally think that this is a certain degree of credibility, because I am not related to the stone industry, the other party is also one of the best in China.

Besides, there are many hot springs in Japan, which are basically distinguished by the type of hot spring water, but there is also a kind of granite hot spring. The bathtub made of granite is a bathtub. In short, it is a big one. The radiation of granite is xue point (tou)!

Summary: There is radiation everywhere in life, and the multi-station next to the microwave oven at work is much larger than the radiation of the stone you are worried about! Don't worry too much!

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