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Sunglasses were worn by people as early as the

by:KingKonree     2020-09-26

As time progressed various shapes of frames were incorporated into the sunglasses and created a sense of prestige to the wearer. Even as this happened, competition led to introduction of sunglasses with different lenses colors. In the introduction, the sunglasses were used as a way to look cool especially among people but with scientific research it was determined that the different colors could help protect the eyes from ultra violet radiation of the sun and also from blue light.

Various sunglasses have been designed to suit their use such as in summer, indoor wearing, swimming, mountain climbing etc. There are also designer sunglasses in the market used and worn by people mainly as fashion accessories. They have the characteristic of high prices and are always available in the market. An example is Dior sunglasses.

Dior sunglasses take various forms of design and are usually worn by celebrities who either want to mask their identities or as a fashion trend. New designs are released into the market each year and sell at different prices depending on the distributors and the prevailing market forces of demand and supply. The distributors of the sunglasses mainly depend on the hype associated with celebrities who wear them to promote the sales.

When buying any type of sunglasses, it is important for the buyer to find out the going market price to avoid being over charged for them. The customer should also choose a mode of payment that best suits them to avoid complications that may result. It is also important when the customer is buying in bulk to arrange for a means of transport that will safely get the sunglasses to the destination without loss or breakage. In this regard insurance maybe taken by the buyer to protect him from loss or an arrangement can be made with the distributing company to deliver the sunglasses.

In case the buyer is importing; action must be taken to clear with the relevant authorities to prevent delays in the port. When buying designer models such as Dior sunglasses, the buyer should consider the period and time that the sunglasses have been in the market and whether there have been complains from other customers who have used them. This will prevent a situation where the buyer buys products that won't meet his needs.

Care should be taken when buying sunglasses for children as their eyes are more vulnerable to being affected by light. Where children below five years are involved, supervision is required as the child may come to harm as he plays with the sunglasses.

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