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wall hung sinks and wall hung toilets the new ultra modern bathroom trend!

by:KingKonree     2020-03-09
So, what is the sudden public attraction of wall-mounted toilets and wall-mounted sinks in recent years?
Is it because they take up less space and have a smaller bathroom size so will any homeowner like it?
Is it because they can be installed at any height to meet your needs?
How about installing two at different heights, one for your child and one for you?
It\'s because people are looking for something different that makes them different from Jones and in turn makes their bathroom feel modern, luxurious and special.
Let\'s not forget the aging of our country, having a sink hanging on the wall is perfect for the elderly as it provides convenience for wheelchairs.
So, what\'s the harm of these bathroom artwork hanging on the wall?
Well, if you don\'t like the pipe fittings that are clearly visible under the sink, then this can be a big treat.
But there are actually three ways to solve this dilemma.
First of all, some bathroom designers may simply see the pipe as another design element and highlight it with stylish accessories, or add pipe sleeves to the design.
Another way to downplay this effect is to use decorative shields used by some base sinks, but of course these don\'t extend to your bathroom floor.
The third solution is to purchase an oversized pool with the deep walls of the sink fully hiding the pipes leaving only visually clean lines.
Like a thoughtful person, don\'t forget to include a wall-mounted cabinet unit to complete the minimalist effect in the bathroom.
The wall-mounted toilets are independent, which makes them easy to clean and can be leaned against the wall, making good use of the functional space.
Just because it is attached to the wall of the bathroom, it is much easier to clean up these stylish fixtures because they do not actually take up floor space.
The only rule for wall-mounted toilets is that since your bathroom floor does not support wall-mounted toilets, they need a steel support rack that must be hidden in the furniture unit or incorporated into the bathroom wall.
The benefit of this is that you can adjust the toilet to any comfortable height.
Most units offer the extra comfort of a slender toilet, which can naturally be placed in a relatively compact enclave, leaving enough space for other fixtures.
The minimalist clean lines of modern design have always been popular, and now you can also have an ultra-modern style bathroom by incorporating wall-mounted bathroom fixtures into the bathroom decor.
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