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What are the manufacturers of marble countertops in Suzhou

by:KingKonree     2021-04-09

Suzhou is a beautiful city, and people here also have a high pursuit of beauty, so there are more manufacturers of home improvement furniture here, and there are not a few manufacturers of marble countertops that can bring gorgeous effects. Oh.

Suzhou Jinnuo Decoration Co., Ltd.

The building area is more than 800 square meters, which is the largest image home decoration in Wuzhong District The company, the most powerful elite design team, and the most standardized professional construction team have obtained the third-level qualification of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the design and construction of building decoration projects. The company was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly. It has become a professional decoration company integrating home decoration, design and construction, integrated home product processing, and building materials wholesale. It is a decoration company with an independent registered service trademark. Since its establishment, in the service process, it has established a good cooperative relationship with our customers, and has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and perfect management experience. The company has developed rapidly in the decoration industry and now has many senior and intermediate professional designers. In the process of continuous expansion, we gradually formed our own unique design concept and construction management system based on the characteristics of the decoration industry. And in the internal management process, we strictly follow the iso9002 international quality system management operation. Based on the theme of green and environmental protection, the company has formed a unique decoration concept for interior decoration products with different characteristics in large and medium-sized luxury houses.

Suzhou Sanfeng Stone Furniture Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Sanfeng Stone Furniture Co., Ltd. is specialized in marble furniture A professional petrochemical company specializing in series processing and sales. The company integrates marble mining, processing and sales. The marble products produced are bright in color, non-radiative, natural and noble. The products have been sold at home and abroad and are well received. Professional processing and sales of marble countertops and coffee tables. The company can tailor various specifications of square table, round table, whole board, jigsaw, four grid, six grid, whole core, sticker, dyeing, white oil, straight edge, beveled edge, France according to your specific needs. Edges, right angles, rounded corners, inlaid four corners, etc.

Main products: beige topaz, rosin jade, ice flower jade, red dragon jade, crystal white, snow white, coral flower, cloud green, cloud white and other marble blocks, slabs, thin slabs, engineering boards , Handicrafts, etc.

Suzhou Tianlong Stone Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Tianlong Stone Co., Ltd. invested and founded by Ningbo Tianlong Stone Craft Co., Ltd., Suzhou Xiongfeng Architectural Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. has registered capital of 20 million yuan and 6 million yuan respectively. It has a land of 45 acres and an existing factory building of 15,000 square meters. After more than ten years of development, it has now become a collection design. A modern comprehensive stone enterprise integrating stone processing and sales, engineering installation and construction, and self-support import and export trade. The company has complete production equipment, including 2 BM sand saws, 1 16-head automatic grinder, 7 infrared bridge cutting machines, 4 wire saws, 12 copying machines, 2 cylindrical machines, and 5 gourd bottle processing equipment. One single-blade saw, one large cutting machine, one automatic drying assembly line, and 30 other stone processing equipment, completed the one-stop production service from rough cutting, rough board production to special-shaped line processing. The company has more than 80 front-line employees, with an average annual production capacity of 80,000 square meters and a line of more than 100,000 meters. The main stone blocks are directly imported from foreign mines, and the product quality and price are extremely competitive in the market. The company's stone products such as plates, columns, stone threads, and reliefs have been widely used in the decoration projects of high-end hotels, guesthouses and villas.

Of course, the marble countertop manufacturers in Suzhou are not limited to these three. If you have a friend who wants to buy a marble countertop product , You can consult your friends around carefully and shop around before buying it.

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