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What are the precautions for the decoration of the bathroom sink

by:KingKonree     2021-04-29

  What are the precautions for the decoration of the bathroom sink? The decoration of the bathroom sink plays an extremely important role in the whole home decoration. We can wash and organize the appearance on the sink, so that we can show ourselves more clean and tidy. So do you know about the problem of feng shui on the bathroom sink? Let’s follow the editor of Mei Dawu to see the relevant content. I hope that the introduction of the editor can provide some help to your home decoration. Mei Dawu will help you. Have a comfortable and warm home.

   One, the composition of the bathroom sink

   In the bathroom, the sink is an important part of the entire bathroom, and the sink is composed of the sink, It is composed of vanity mirror, countertop and faucet. In Feng Shui, all parts of the sink must be properly matched, otherwise it will affect the pattern of Feng Shui, which will not only cause unnecessary troubles, but also affect family harmony.

  Second, the feng shui precautions of the bathroom wash typhoon

   1. In the bathroom, the most taboo thing is that the mirror of the sink and the toilet are facing each other. The toilet is a place for excretion of dirt, and people are relatively relaxed when going to the toilet, so the toilet is facing the mirror of the bathroom sink will cause people to be mentally fragile.

  2, the bathroom sink should not face the door of the bathroom. The mirror on the sink directly opposite the door will also create a shock, reflecting good luck, and it is easy to be frightened every time you go in and out, and it is easy to be nervous, get sick and lose money for a long time. The mirror facing the toilet door will also allow couples to be horny when dealing with things, and weaken the sexual function of men in the home, and women are prone to women's diseases.

  3. The color of the bathroom sink should be relatively plain. White is significantly clean and bright, allowing people to remove the filth of the toilet when cleaning. It is a pattern that complements and balances the toilet.

  4. The square shape is the best for the countertops and mirrors of the toilet washbasin, because it represents balance and order, and it is square. Therefore, you must not have sharp edges and corners. If the square countertop can be equipped with a round sink and appropriate lighting, it will be more conducive to establishing a balance of feng shui.

   5. The bigger the bathroom sink mirror, the better. When looking in the mirror, there is still a large blank space above the head, which implies a bright career development. But it should be noted that although the mirror is big and good, it should be appropriate.

A warm reminder from Meidahwu Decoration Network: I hope that all the contents of the above about the precautions for the decoration of feng shui in the bathroom sink, I hope to bring substantive decoration Help, and thank you very much for your continued trust in the editor. If you want to know more about home decoration, home improvement cases, decoration quotation and decoration guarantee knowledge, please come to the Meidawu Decoration Network to learn more! Meidawu Decoration Network provides you with a cost-effective decoration quotation calculator for you Service, and there are more decoration knowledge and cases waiting for you to read. The editor will provide you with more exciting content later, so stay tuned!

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