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What kind of bathroom mirror should I choose for a small apartment bathroom? Of course it comes with storage

by:KingKonree     2021-06-28

Mirrors are also an indispensable part of bathroom design. They are usually placed on top of the bathroom cabinet so that we can look at the mirror when washing. So what kind of bathroom mirror should we choose for a small-sized bathroom? Qijia Xiaocai recommends that you choose a style with storage, so as to meet the storage needs of small apartment bathrooms.

Mirror cabinet is very suitable for the design of small apartment bathroom, especially for some small apartment bathroom without dry and wet separation. Put things inside the mirror cabinet, and it is not easy to get wet and moldy.

Moreover, the mirror cabinet is stored inside the mirror, so it will not affect the size of the mirror, so there is no need to worry about the mirror being too small, and there is no way to wash and dress up~

As many designers choose to extend the mirror cabinet to the top of the toilet, so that the space above the toilet and bathroom cabinet is combined, and there is ample storage space.

Large-area mirror cabinets can also expand the visual sense of the bathroom space, especially after adding a hidden light design around the mirror cabinets, it makes the bathroom bright and spacious.

But there are also some homeowners who find it inconvenient to take things in the mirror cabinet, so they will choose the design of the mirror and the open partition shelf. The design of the bathroom mirror is very convenient. .

The layered design of the partition rack can also facilitate us to classify and store things. With the addition of the storage of the bathroom cabinet, there is no need to worry about too many things to fit.

Worry about water vapor, you can also consider putting the washbasin outside the bathroom door. Most of the small apartments themselves only have one bathroom. Putting the washbasin outside the door can also be convenient for the whole family. Daily use.

In fact, Qijia Xiaocai thinks that we can make a mirror cabinet combined with an open storage design. Put the commonly used ones that are not afraid of water outside. The only effect is probably that the area of u200bu200bthe mirror will be smaller.

After reading the above bathroom mirror designs with storage, have you found the one you like? Personally, Qijia Xiaocai prefers large-area mirror cabinets and uses the space above the toilet. In this way, under the reflection of the mirror, the bathroom looks more spacious. What do you think?

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