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What kind of material is good for cabinet countertops? Which kind of cabinet countertop is good?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

  Cabinet countertops are indispensable in the kitchen. There are many materials for cabinet countertops. So what are the better materials for cabinet countertops? What is the price of cabinet countertops? Which brands of cabinet countertops are better? Below Let's take a look together.

  What material is good for cabinet countertops? Which cabinet countertop is good?

  Artificial stone cabinet countertop

  Artificial stone cabinet countertop, this kind of artificial The texture and color of the stone are very rich. Its effect is comparable to that of natural stone, and it is easier to clean than natural stone, and it can also achieve no splicing. This artificial stone is metal-free, so There is no toxic side effects and no radiation. The artificial stone used in the Opai cabinet is environmentally friendly and durable, so it is an ideal cabinet countertop material.

  Natural stone countertops

   Speaking of natural stone, I believe that everyone will be familiar with this material during the decoration process. Many places can be used. Natural stone is used, even on a large area, such as the ground. What material is good for cabinet countertops? Of course, natural stone is also inseparable from a good material. The texture of this material is very hard and it performs very well in terms of durability, while the natural texture has a unique taste and looks particularly beautiful. Most people fancy this material for decoration because it has very prominent advantages, and it is also a natural material that has not been polished by hand. However, because it is produced from natural stones, there is one thing that must not be taken lightly. It is its radioactivity, it is best to do a radiation test when choosing, and to ventilate more after use.

  Stainless steel countertop

  Stainless steel countertop looks a bit cold to the cabinet, but its practicality and stain resistance and easy cleaning will definitely warm the user's heart. What kind of material is the cabinet countertop? Of course, it also includes stainless steel. This material looks concise and stylish for countertops. It won't lose the grade, and it will also find it super convenient to use.

What is the price of    cabinet countertops

   Quartz stone integrated cabinet countertops price: about ¥1380.00

   artificial stone integrated cabinet countertops ¥1000 Above

Price of    natural stone integrated cabinet countertops: around ¥880.00

   Refractory plate integrated cabinet countertops price: above ¥100.00

   cabinets What are the better brands of countertops?

  1, the pioneer of Corian/artificial stone countertops

  2, the sub-brand of Xingrong/South Korea's Samsung brand

  3, Haomeis/Korea LG sub-brand

  4, Monterey/has two series of Milan stone and Nordic impression


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