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What material is good for cabinet countertops? Recommended cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

  Cabinets are kitchen furniture that we can’t lack in our lives. Cabinet countertops are an important part of cabinets. A better cabinet is indispensable to a good cabinet countertop. There are many cabinet countertops on the market, so cabinets What material is good for the countertop, let's recommend a few better cabinet countertop materials for everyone.

  What material is good for cabinet countertops? Recommended material for cabinet countertops

  What material for cabinet countertops is good: artificial stone

   is currently the best in the market A commonly used countertop material is made by mixing unsaturated polyester resin with fillers and pigments, adding a small amount of initiator, and making it through certain processing procedures. Mainstream artificial stone countertops are mainly divided into three types: artificial quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops. The main component of quartz stone countertops is silica, which has higher hardness and is more wear-resistant. The main factor that determines the wear resistance and toughness coefficient of pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops is the acrylic content. The acrylic content is the most stable between 40% and 45%.

  What material is good for cabinet countertops: Natural stone countertops

   Generally, marble and granite are commonly used. Granite is volcanic rock, the pattern is mainly pitted, dense, hard, bright, and grained; marble is stratified rock, grained, beautiful, but relatively soft and weathered, and white flowers and black flowers are more commonly used. Two kinds. In comparison, the hardness of granite is higher than that of marble, which is very suitable for kitchen countertops. Speaking of natural stone, we must mention its radioactivity. In fact, radiation is widespread in our living environment. The radioactivity of natural stone is not necessarily higher than that of other materials. Some ceramic sanitary products are even more radioactive. Therefore, there is no need to talk about its discoloration. When buying, the best way is to choose the tested Class A stone.

  What material is good for cabinet countertops: fireproof board countertop

  The base material of the fireproof board countertop is MDF, the finish is fireproof board, and the thickness is generally 4 Mm. Compared with natural stone, fireproof board is more flexible and will not crack due to heavy blows. Its maintenance and maintenance are basically the same as other materials, and it is also very simple. From the structural point of view, the fireproof board table top and the rear water baffle are formed together at one time, which is called 'joint type'; the second is that the table top does not have a water retaining plate, and is additionally equipped with aluminum alloy water retaining strips, which is called a 'combined type'. type'.

What material is good for    cabinet countertops: stainless steel countertops

   stainless steel countertops: high hardness, high temperature resistance, long service life, beautiful metal color, and excellent visual effects with black door panels. According to different surface treatment processes, it can be divided into three types: embossing, wire drawing and mirror surface. Stainless steel is the traditional raw material for household kitchen appliances. As far as tableware is concerned, stainless steel is the best endorsement. Stainless steel countertops are generally made of a thin stainless steel plate on the surface of a high-density fireproof board. The texture is firm, easy to clean, and has a three-dimensional integrated effect. At the same time, stainless steel has the best antibacterial performance among all materials. At the same time, under the strong impact of the new concept of European and American integration of modern cabinets in recent years, stainless steel countertops have also made corresponding improvements in compliance with the development trend of the combination of aesthetics and practicality of cabinets. For consumers who prefer to use them, or consumers who like metal texture, it is not impossible to buy stainless steel countertops.

   What material is good for cabinet countertops: wood countertops

   In order to stay close to nature, the kitchen often uses natural wood to create a rustic style, in order to be intimate with nature Contact, so pure wood began to be used as a countertop, processed into beautiful different shapes, and at the same time resembling oak. Some harder woods such as oak wood are the best choice among all countertops. This kind of pure wood countertops has become popular in Europe and America, but it is still relatively rare in China.

   Disadvantages: The wood gap is relatively large, it is easier to hide dirt and dirt, and it is easy to corrode when water enters.

  What material is good for the cabinet countertop: Acrylic countertop

   The advantages are: seamless splicing, changeable shapes, diverse and soft colors, and easy repair of problems. After using it for too long, it can be bright as new after re-polishing.

The disadvantage of    is that the hardness is slightly worse than that of quartz stone. If rough objects rub on the table surface, it is easy to destroy the brightness of the table surface. The high temperature resistance of composite acrylic is about 90 degrees, and the high temperature resistance of pure acrylic is 120 degrees. But do not touch overheated objects for a long time.

What material is good for    cabinet countertops: ceramic tile cabinet countertops

  The patterns of the tiles are diverse, suitable for creating cabinets of various styles, retro style and pastoral style are exclusive to the tile countertops. But daily use will leave dirty marks in the cracks of the tiles, which will be difficult to beat over time, and it is easy to breed bacteria. And it is easy to break under the impact of heavy objects.

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