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What material is good for cabinet countertops What material is good for cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

   In order to cook delicious food, most homeowners are particularly attentive when dressing up the cooking area, and the selection of utensils should not be underestimated. For example, cabinets are the most important furniture in the kitchen. High-quality cabinets can add a lot of color to the kitchen, of course, it also has a great impact on the overall decoration style, and the material of the countertop is also of great relevance to the health of the user, so what material is the cabinet countertop? What are the brands, and how to buy them, let’s introduce them to you.

   What material is good for cabinet countertops? Which material is good for cabinet countertops?

   Artificial stone, also known as polymer solid board, is made of natural mineral powder + color Master+acrylic resin glue, the board processed by high temperature and high pressure has uniform texture and no pores. It is recognized by the market as the most suitable cabinet panel material for modern kitchens.

  The wooden kitchen countertop looks natural and simple, and it matches the Mediterranean or rural style to create a pure home atmosphere.

  Mosaic tiles are the first choice for kitchen countertops. In recent years, the colors have become richer, and the changeable collage technique can bring unexpected effects and create different decorative styles.

  Stainless steel countertops, the austere exterior is perfect for creating a modern kitchen style.

   cabinet countertop brand

   Huaxun artificial stone cabinet countertop Huaxun Industrial, is a large-scale resin enterprise, and resin in the cost of artificial stone reaches 60 %the above. Rely on the cost advantage of upper and lower integration, win by quantity.

  Miqili artificial stone cabinet countertop Guangzhou Heatwave Co., Ltd. has a very rich product range, and its molding process and technology are quite good in China.

  Aowei Artificial Stone Cabinet Countertops Guangzhou Aowei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiary companies of Oupai, the aircraft carrier of Oupini cabinet industry, and the cabinet countertops are currently the largest market for artificial stone.

What are the tips for buying cabinet countertops?

  Choose branded products

When choosing to buy, try to choose branded products. Whether it is quality or after-sales, it is more guaranteed. As we all know, the brand determines the strength of the manufacturer, and the strength determines the production machinery, and the impact of the production equipment on the quality of the stone is particularly important. Therefore, when buying, it is more secure for big brands.

  Hand feel moisturizing degree, thickness

   When purchasing, be sure to check whether the product feels fine enough, whether the moisturizing degree is up to the standard, and the color purity is enough, such as quartz stone For the material, you must check these points carefully when you buy it. In addition, the thickness of general quartz stone is 15mm, while the thickness of high-end quartz stone can reach 20mm.

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