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What material is good for fireproof board countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-08

  The countertop has always been the top priority of home furnishing and has attracted many people's attention. It is the consensus of many people to choose the material of the countertop to choose safe materials. Fireproof board is the first choice. Today I will tell you what kind of material for the fireproof board. Good?

   Is the fireproof board countertop good?

   fireproof board is also called high-pressure decorative fireproof board. In terms of performance, it has abrasion resistance, antibacterial and easy cleaning, light resistance, high temperature resistance and boiling water resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance. Sex and other characteristics. In terms of its use effect, it is also divided into several different ones. Its name is fireproof board. It can be seen that its major effect is fire prevention. Not only that, it is resistant to oil stains and can be used in the kitchen. It is not easily deformed and has a bright color effect. It can keep it as new for a long time during use. State, it also has good elasticity, so that there will be no cracks due to the squeezing of heavy objects, and the price is relatively cheap.

   Even with so many advantages, he also has his own bad side. For example, if it is used in a relatively humid environment for a long time, it will be deformed, degummed, and the substrate will swell. Because of its own processing reasons, it will have certain limitations in its use and design. If it is used improperly, it will get bad results.

   The use of fireproof board countertops in the production of cabinets is very extensive. In traditional thinking, we think that the cabinet should be fireproof board countertops. It not only has a variety of colors and styles, but also has a wider range of styles. Acid and alkali resistance, good toughness, etc., it is very suitable for the kitchen where salt, acid and alkali coexist, but it has two sides to everything. There is a good side and a bad side. The cabinet fireproof board countertop is no exception. The flaw is that the interface processing cannot be perfect, and the glue can be easily opened. In this case, there is only one method to change, then his entire package is not unified.

The advantages of    fireproof board countertops:

  1, fireproof, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, no deformation, easy to clean .

  2. Bright color, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and high temperature resistance.

  3. The fireproof board is more flexible and will not crack due to heavy blows.

  4, the price is lower, the price is 300~600 yuan/meter.

Disadvantages of    fireproof board countertops:

   1. There is a lack of effective treatment methods at the joints of the corner countertops. Usually silicone bonding, plastic and special metal strips are used to increase Beautiful.

  2. Because the countertop is made of particleboard or medium-density board as the base material, the surface is formed by fireproof board, and the countertop is easily corroded by water and moisture. Improper use will cause degumming, deformation, and serious expansion of the base material. as a result of.

  3. The straight edge and straight bending processing technology of the refractory plate has caused certain limitations in the shape change of the refractory plate countertop, the adaptation of various room types, and the design requirements.

   After reading the introduction of the above article, I believe you already have an understanding of this issue.

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