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what to look for when choosing a new toilet

by:KingKonree     2020-10-21
Lokert General Plumbing, who serves customers in Burlington, Ontario, understands that buying a new toilet can be overwhelming.
In addition to all different brands of toilets, there are many different models to choose from, each with different features and features.
To help you choose the right toilet for your home, here are some features to consider: the efficiency of water-while lower water consumption can help the environment, it can also help you save money.
Most toilets flush at a speed of 6 liters (1. 6 gallons)
Each flush is about half the water used in the old toilet.
If you want something more efficient then go to a toilet that flush water at a speed of 4. 6 litres (1. 28 gallons)per flush. High-
Efficient toilets run the same way as standard toilets, but with less water.
You can also see the double.
Flush toilet with full or partial flush option.
Style-The Look of the toilet may be slightly different, but the biggest difference ispiece and two-piece toilets. One-
There is no separation between the toilet water tank and the bowl.
This makes it look more stylish and compact-a great style for a bathroom or cramped space that looks more modern.
Shape-flush toilet with round and slender shapes.
The circular toilet is more compact and is ideal for small spaces.
A slender Bowl is usually more comfortable for adults and will be more aesthetically pleasing if you have space in your bathroom.
Performance-the performance or flushing power of the toilet is measured based on the amount of waste that can be eliminated from the bowl by one flush.
Toilet with map (
Maximum Performance)score of 600-
1000g is considered to have excellent Flushing performance.
For more help in selecting and installing a new toilet, please contact Lokert General Plumbing at 905-634-6567.
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