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When it comes to beautifying your home in Salt Lake City

by:KingKonree     2020-07-13
Because of the economic upturn, most remodeling in 2011 has been believed to be difficult, well not anymore! Bathroom remodeling designs have been turned into space saving elegance and luxuriousness. The new 2011 Salt Lake City has a new attitude about time, space, and money management. Firstly, you need to decide if you feel comfortable doing the work yourself or hiring a licensed professional. SLC offers many wonderful options for trained professionals eager to take on your new remodeling project. It isn't hard to pick from organized lists of contractors that can help out with anything from floors/tiles to tubs/fixtures. You can look up local Salt Lake City, UT newspapers, or search from Salt Lake City, UT on your local web browser. Secondly, you need to have some bathroom ideas of that you'd like changed from the original bathroom decor. It can take you some time picking a bathroom design with so many lovely new 2011 designs to choose from. There are literally thousands of mix and match colors, shapes and shades. But, I always find picking the design to be the most exciting part! Here are some possible 'Dream Bathroom Ideas for Salt Lake City' to use for 2011. 1. Change your existing vanity. Make your vanity new by adding granite, marble, or tile. Sometimes you'll find that you have enough counter space to add an additional his/hers sink. This is usually an up sell for potential buyers that don't want to share sink and counter space with their husbands! 2. Update to new bathroom tile. Old tile can stain and show dirt more. Try updating to some more modern tile to really give the bathroom a fresh new look. 3. Switch out old bathtubs. Try treating yourself to a new spa or jet tub. It will not only invigorate your sore, tired muscles, but will add resell value to your Salt Lake City bathroom. Because SLC has such beautiful views of mountains, canyons, wildlife, and Utah Lake all year long, make sure and remember this when deciding where your new bathtub needs to sit. 4. Change out any old or rusting bathroom hardware. This includes drawer handles, faucets, towel racks, and even toilet handle flushers. Bathroom designers and potential home-buyers are a lot more into attention to detail than they used to be. Having old fixtures in a newly remodeled bathroom can tell a savvy client the date of the original bathroom and shows that corners were cut in the budget. 5. Showers need to be updated too. For Salt Lake City 2011, the drama and focal point has been the bathtub. But, we have not discounted showers either. Showers are eco-friendlier than bathing, and can be very refreshing. Try a partial shower wall to make the space feel bigger. Remember to add artwork to add ambiance and taste. Try to have a unique mixture of both beauty and functionality. CopyCrypto: 3cc11edd76022bbc3f3ebf14aad01e4c
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