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Which countertop is good for the whole cabinet? The selection of the whole cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

Now the whole cabinet is a more popular form of cabinet, it can effectively save our kitchen space, so what countertop is good for the common whole cabinet?

Marble cabinet countertops

The so-called natural stone cabinet countertops are the use of granite, jade, marble and other natural textures. The countertops of cabinets made of stone are made of hard marble material, which has excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and waterproofness. The countertops of cabinets made of natural stone are more beautiful in color and have a longer service life. But the length of marble is not very long, sometimes it is difficult to meet the length of the cabinet countertop.

Artificial stone cabinet countertops

Artificial stone is a new type of material that imitates natural stone. Its craftsmanship has deliberate artificial behavior, generally using natural mineral powder With some color masterbatches and new resin glue, it is made through a very advanced production process. In the production process, the characteristics of this stone will be perfected. For example, it has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and anti-permeability. Some are similar to natural stone, and some are obviously better than natural stone. What material is good for cabinet countertops? In addition to natural stone, countertops made of such artificial stone are also very good. Nowadays, many residents' kitchens often see this kind of countertop. In the later use process, its anti-fouling power, waterproof stain and oil stain resistance are absolutely praised by people.

Stainless steel cabinet countertops

High hardness, high temperature resistance, long service life, beautiful metal color, with black door vision The effect is excellent. According to different surface treatment processes, it can be divided into three types: embossing, wire drawing and mirror surface. Stainless steel is the traditional raw material for household kitchen appliances. As far as tableware is concerned, stainless steel is the best endorsement. Stainless steel countertops are generally made of a thin stainless steel plate on the surface of a high-density fireproof board. The texture is firm, easy to clean, and has a three-dimensional integrated effect. At the same time, stainless steel has the best antibacterial performance among all materials. At the same time, under the strong impact of the new concept of European and American integration of modern cabinets in recent years, stainless steel countertops have also made corresponding improvements in compliance with the development trend of the combination of aesthetics and practicality of cabinets. For consumers who prefer to use them, or consumers who like metal texture, it is not impossible to buy stainless steel countertops.

Granite cabinet countertops

The high density of granite cabinet countertops weakens the hidden worry of dirt. As a traditional cabinet countertop material, granite has high density, high hardness and abrasion resistance. This is certain To a certain extent, the possibility of hiding dirt and holding dirt is reduced. Good antibacterial performance. Tests have proved that among all the materials that can be used for kitchen countertops, granite has better anti-bacterial regeneration ability. However, the length of natural stone is usually not long, so if you want to make a long overall countertop, there must be seams, and these seams are also easy to hide dirt. If you like natural materials very much, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, but you must pay special attention to the level of joints of the construction workers.

Fireproof board cabinet countertop

Fireproof board cabinet countertop, the base material of the cabinet is MDF, and the finish is fireproof The reason why the fireproof board is so popular among consumers is not only because of the low price of the fireproof board, but also because of its bright colors and variety. In addition, the fireproof board is also resistant to acid and alkali, Features such as high temperature resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance.

The above is the selection of five more common cabinet countertops. If you have friends who are interested in them, you can refer to the above introduction and proceed. After comparison, choose the kind of material that you like better and that is also more suitable for your own kitchen style.

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