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While choosing the right tub, you will be flooded

by:KingKonree     2020-07-12
Types: Each bathtub has its own unique characteristics. Clawfoot and freestanding tub give a bold statement whereas corner tubs and alcove are integrated into the overall scheme of your bathroom. Here is a brief description of some of the common bathroom tubs: Wall Alcove: This type of tub-shower combination is designed to maximize space. With a built-in storage cabinet and a wall-mounted shower a wall. Drop-in tubs are fitted within a framed enclosure that is identical to bathroom cabinets or tile. Under-mounts are installed at floor-level with a title flooring to covers the lip of the tub. Freestanding tubs acts as a sculpted bathing bowl and add to the aesthetic beauty. hammered copper claw foot tub was main feature of Elizabethan era of soaking and are still used to invoke that style. Types of Material Used: Like designing options, you can get your bathtubs in different types of materials. Some of the popular materials used in bathtub construction are: Acrylic and fiberglass: They are least expensive to purchase and are easily available in any home improvement and furnishing shop. An acrylic bathtub is easy to install and is available in variety of colors. Cast-iron: A Heavy cast-iron is the best available heat sink that keeps bath water warm for extended periods. With an Enamel finish, you can color your tub in any color you wish. Copper: A copper bathtub is the ultimate bathroom accessory. A copper bathtub not only provides with a fine design but is also an excellent insulation that keeps your water warm for long periods. Installation Consideration: Consider the availability of size and space in your bathroom. If you have limited space, choose a free-standing bathtub in standard size as it takes up less space and can be placed without any major re-construction. Under-mounts, Drop-in and Wall-alcove need a lot of space and reconstruction to the bathroom. A simple test to check whether you will be able to accommodate bathtub in your washroom is to test the swing path of your door. Modern bath tubs are now available with some added features such as whirlpool and bubble -jets. You can add many of these features to your bath tub for an added cost.
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