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update 1-u.s. sets hefty duties on chinese stainless steel sinks

by:KingKonree     2020-05-23
* Illinois company, El Kai manufacturing company, seeking the duties of the sink * other decisions on solar panels, wind towers in ChinaReuters)-
The United States set up a preliminary counter on Friday.
Dumping duties from 54.
25% to 76.
53% stainless steel sink from China, the latest series in the United StatesS.
Take action on goods imported from Asian manufacturers.
The decision was a victory for the El Kai manufacturing industry for nearly a century.
The old Illinois company has accused its Chinese rivals of selling sinks in the United States at unfair low prices.
On the same day, President Barack Obama blocked a privately owned Chinese company from building wind turbines near a naval base in Oregon due to national security concerns. [ID: nL1 E8KSCWU]It was the U. S.
Commerce Department\'s second round of duties on stainless steel sinks.
In July, it set a preliminary countervailing duty ranging from two.
12% to 13
94% to offset subsidies from the Chinese government.
Since taking office in 2009, the Obama administration has implemented about 40 counter-measures.
Dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese goods.
However, these cases are driven by industry petitions and there are very few cases at present.
The biggest is Chinese.
Anti-solar panels
Anti-dumping and countervailing tax cases filed by SolarWorld US company.
There are other states. S. companies.
The Ministry of Commerce faced a final tariff decision on the case in October 10 and another final decision in a case involving the Chinese
Wind turbine towers were built later this year. [ID: nL2 E8IR9RN]
The United States imported $118.
In 2011, the price of the stainless steel sink in China rose from $98.
2010 1 million.
Guangdong Dongyuan kitchenware Industry Co. , Ltd. Superte Kitchenware Co. , Ltd.
Dumping duties 63.
87% and 54.
25% respectively.
19 Chinese exporters have been hit by 59 pounds.
06% preliminary duty.
Tariffs on all other Chinese producers and e. xporters are 7. 6. 53 percent.
Companies need to issue bonds or cash deposits at initial interest rates.
The United States will refund the money if a separate agencyS.
The International Trade Commission decided to oppose tariffs in a vote next year.
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