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What are the cabinet countertop materials? Cabinet countertop materials introduction

by:KingKonree     2021-04-16

The cabinet structure that has the closest contact with our imported food is the countertop. The durability and antibacterial properties of countertops directly affect our daily kitchen life, and more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the environmental protection and hygiene issues of countertops. So, what kind of countertop is more environmentally friendly? Let's compare them carefully.

  Introduction to cabinet countertop materials:

  1, natural stone countertops

  The marble pattern is relatively soft, and the appearance of biological remains is Texture, surface stripe distribution is not regular. The granite is slightly white or gray with spots in appearance. The addition of potassium feldspar makes it red or flesh-colored. Common advantages: high hardness, good wear resistance, small scratches are not particularly conspicuous, and easy to cut or engrave. Common shortcomings: the two surfaces have seams, which are easy to hide dirt and dirt; and because the hardness of the two is relatively high, when two pieces of stone need to be bonded, there is no gap, and these gaps will be used in the future Dirt will accumulate in the process, resulting in unsightly appearance of the countertop. And because of the long-term formation process of natural stone underground, there may be some heavy metals and some radioactive substances. In the long-term use, it is afraid that it will have an impact on human health.

  2, artificial stone

   is a very popular tabletop material at present, it is divided into two kinds of seamless and seam. There are obvious traces of gaps when glued with seam artificial stone glue, and its anti-scratch performance and strong acid-base resistance are slightly worse. The price ranges from 300 yuan to 400 yuan per meter. The seamless artificial stone uses a material called methyl methacrylate, which is rich in patterns and integrally formed, with no traces at the joints, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. General stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent, but strong chemical agents such as paint remover, acetone-containing delustering water, pine perfume, and acid-containing plumbing cleaner can damage it and cause stains. A severe impact will form dents on the surface. The price varies between domestic and imported products. Domestic seamless artificial stone costs between 1,200 yuan and 1,500 yuan per meter, while DuPont Corian has to sell for about 3,000 yuan per meter.

  3. Fireproof board

   Advantages: MDF is used as the base material, and the surface is covered with fireproof board, which has relatively good impact resistance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Disadvantages: The materials used in the manufacture of fireproof board countertops in China are mostly low-priced density boards, which cannot provide effective guarantees in terms of performance and environmental protection. Since the fire board has the same length limitation as the natural stone, it is impossible to realize the overall perfect seamless splicing. These gaps are naturally a 'hotbed' of bacterial contamination.

  4. Ceramic tile countertop

  Advantages: low price and diverse shapes. Disadvantages: It is not easy to clean, it is easy to be broken if it is too cold or too hot. The tiles used for cabinet countertops and wall tiles have the same physical properties. Although they are very durable, they are easily broken under the impact of heavy objects. Putting it on will also damage it. There will definitely be gaps in splicing tiles. Even seamless tiles will leave a gap between bricks and tiles that are much larger than when splicing other materials. It is very inconvenient to clean, and the hidden sanitary hazards are self-evident. It is easy to turn black, and mildew may appear when the quality is poor. Ceramic tiles have certain requirements for the collage process, and improper collage can easily cause arching and deformation. And too hot or cold objects will be damaged if placed on it for a long time.

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