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david baddiel wees in his bathroom sink because he can’t be bothered to walk to the toilet

by:KingKonree     2020-02-27
DAVID Baddiel revealed that he often eats in the bathroom sink because he is too lazy to go to the toilet. The 53-year-
When he was talking to Ricky Jervis, the old man admitted --
He admitted that he hoped he would not have to get up in order to go to the toilet.
According to the star: \"I occasionally have p * in the sink, obviously not the kitchen sink, but the sink in the bathroom.
\"I have a toilet in my study, so some people think I have to walk another 2 feet and lift my seat up.
The sink is close.
The comedian continued: \"I often fantasize about installing some devices so I don\'t have to get up.
\"It\'s not diapers. you have to change diapers.
I don\'t want bags and tubes.
All I want is a long straw from my penis to the toilet.
David is not the only celebrity to admit to urinating in the sink-Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence has also admitted to this dirty habit.
She said before: \"I urinated in some sinks.
When two girls walk into the bathroom, make sure someone comes to get the sink.
I really like going to the sink.
You can wait, but she will go to the sink if I wait.
\"Pop singer Kesha also ended up using the sink and was caught on the spot at the Q Awards ceremony on 2009.
She said to The Mirror, \"it happened.
This is a tricky situation and I have to think fast.
\"I think some people are a little embarrassed, but you have to go when you have to go. \"Got a story?
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