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how to keep your candy displays fresh and unique

by:KingKonree     2020-04-02
No matter what they sell, most retail stores change monitors from time to time.
Whether you\'re running a candy store, or a grocery store, bookstore, toy store, or gas station, if your store sells candy, here are five ways to make sure the candy display remains fresh and unique.
Tip 1: mix and match various candy store displays when you show your candy you don\'t have to keep your presentation in one or two of some sort of fixtures.
There are many fixtures on your fingertips and it\'s easy to keep your monitor fresh and unique when you mix and match some of them.
If you\'re creating a pointof-
For example, to purchase a display or POP display, you can mix a transparent plastic container or a colored acrylic container and hold small pieces with pre-packaged candy or chewing gum
A machine full of lollipop trees or gum.
Tip 2: Update your candy display as the season changes. This is probably the most interesting tip to keep your presentation fresh and unique.
It is easy to find display devices and candy in holiday themes and colors, and it is also easy to use existing devices and candy to make a display with a holiday torch.
For example, during Halloween, you can create a gumball display using orange and black gumball.
You can do the same with red and green gumbles during Christmas.
The colorful acrylic trash can is easy to find, you can choose the red and transparent Valentine\'s Day display, or the pastel color of spring and Easter.
Please note that this prompt is also valid if your store is located in a city with high school, university or professional sports teams.
Show your candy in a container of team colors!
Tip 3: open your eyes and see the new candy store display equipment. The traditional candy display equipment has withstood the test of time because they are fully functional and reliable;
When it comes to color acrylic trash cans, for example, there\'s absolutely no reason to fix what it\'s broken.
However, wholesalers and retailers specializing in display equipment always introduce new candy store display equipment, and you \'d better keep an eye on these products.
Try a new fixture to fix what is broken;
Instead, it adds visual appeal and new convenience to your monitor, and customers are always grateful!
Tip 4: depending on the type of store you manage, reuse the old candy display device in a new way, you may have the old display device lying there, and they are not originally used, or not even going to show candy, it would work to show a variety of sweets.
Tip 5: Don\'t confuse your customers!
To keep things fresh and unique, you may want to rearrange your store from time to time or reposition your candy display.
Keep in mind that while re-arranging the store and re-positioning the display from time to time, this is good and sometimes necessary, and often doing so will only confuse and frustrate your regular customers.
When your customers visit your store, you want to give them a feeling of familiarity and comfort, it\'s hard to do when your constant changes make them feel like they\'re in a completely different store every time they go.
Unless it\'s an absolute time to rearrange or reposition something, keep your presentation fresh and unique.
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