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Have you ever read the real estate advertisements

by:KingKonree     2020-08-24

The first thing you must consider is that granite is spread all across the entire globe. If you purchase granite from an exotic country, you should expect to pay more, while granite is often available right in your own back yard. Those should be a bit cheaper, but you'll still have to pick out the slab from a local construction firm that specializes in the product.

When they extract the granite from the earth, it takes specialized skill and your first dollar goes to them. Next comes the dealer, then the fabricator until it finally arrives at your door by the installer, and it usually takes more than one person to transport it into your home.

The more expensive granite may be quite thick, and the different colors and designs spread through it. If you want uniform color on your countertop, granite may not be for you. Also you will see seams in the granite, but the advantages far outweigh those disadvantages. The best way to avoid disappointment as they install your new countertop is to pick out the exact slab from the contractor or businesses that have many slabs sitting on their sides in a frame made specifically for the granite. Remember granite is a natural stone and each slab is unique.

To maintain the beauty of granite is simple, but necessary as the granite ages. You will need to reseal and treat it on a regular basis. Then you should be able to sit hot pans on it and it shouldn't crack, scratch or peel.

There are budget granite countertops, and they may be a bit thinner, not near as heavy and the price will be lower. It still retains its shiny beauty as long as you spend a few minutes every so often to reseal it. Other ways to protect your countertop will be to put hot pans on hot-pads, use a cutting board not your countertop, and keep juices like grape juice in the jar because they will stain countertops.

Pick and choose your budget granite countertop and you won't be disappointed.

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