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film; a new generation of realists scrap the kitchen sink

by:KingKonree     2020-04-29
I used to ask John Schlesinger if he would come back and make that small and real English movie like \"a love\" and \"Billy Liar\", this made his name in his early 60 s. \'\'Why?
He growled: \"We have done all this to speak to his companions for himself --
We called the kitchen sink realists and then we went back and talked about what the gentleman was then
Schlesinger\'s latest movie Falcon and snowman is an American spy thriller. \'\'Fair enough.
If artists go back in their footsteps, they will not grow.
The kitchen sink is no longer a convenient symbol of social inequality and family stress in the UK.
In the 40 years since Obama took office, Britain has undergone irreversible changes.
Schlesinger, Lindsay Anderson, Jack Clayton, Carrell Rez and Tony Richardson were inspired by literary role models from angry young people, and was produced by the ancient national film a series of social awareness films describing regional work
All severe class Life (
Funny occasionally)verisimilitude.
Thanks to Margaret Thatcher\'s privatization request, the welfare state has become a post-Tony Blair
Industrial Cool Britannia. Mobile-
Is anyone calling?
However, advertising has not changed the pace of British life as quickly as the political environment, and in the past few years several talented directors have appeared painfully --
Inject realistic drama into the core of work-and middle-class Britain.
They include Gary Oldman\'s mouth-free, Tim Ross\'s war zone, Karin Adler\'s under-skin, and two Lynne Ramsey, which will be released here this fall. \"ratcatcher\" and \"Romeo Blas\'s Room\" by Shane Meadows.
Another \"Wonderland\" directed by Michael winterbutton will open on Friday.
These directors do not belong to any declaration-
Distribution groups like the Danish Dogma 95 Collectiveto-
The basic agenda, or, for that matter, the 50-year-old free film documentary, whose work led to the kitchen sink movement.
Unlike the tireless mixer Ken Lodge, they were only driven by arguments when they passed. Although Mr.
Mr. winterbutton and
For example, Meadows has shown that they are not limited to specific topics and that all the films just mentioned are linked by realists or quasi-realists
Realism style and attention to the psychological legacy of parental abuse or absence, or, as in \"Wonderland\", parental war. Of course, Mr.
Rocky\'s work has always rooted politics in individuals and cannot ignore the influence of domestic drama, such as his \"Madame, Madame\" on \"no mouth\" and \"war zone (
Especially because actor Ray Winstone portrayed the brutal father image in these three characters).
There are traces of \"Lady, Lady\" and early Loach movies in \"magical land\" and \"under skin\", such as \"upward connection\" and \"family life \".
\"Either directly or through infiltration, sir. Roth and Mr.
Oldman thanked Mike Leigh, especially Alan Clark, who were all actors.
Years after being an eloquent directorfor-
Employees of British television
Clark ended his career with a series of thrilling plays, including the transvestite (starring Mr.
The BBC has funded and banned Winstone)
Made in Britain \"(with Mr. Roth)
And \"Company \"(with Mr. Oldman)
This sharply criticized the social order in Britain. Since Mr.
Clark died in 1990, and his film grew up in criticism, standing with Mr. Clark. Loach and Mr.
Li is one of the pioneering figures of British social realism. Mr.
Winterbutton\'s Wonderland was launched on a weekend in contemporary London in November, depicting a trajectory of alienation, loneliness and despair.
Lawrence corryat of the film London
She is a psychology student from France, so her script is more inclined to psychology than to social realism.
It focuses on the three sisters and their brothers, as well as the parents they all rely on (
Mark ham and Shepherd)
His frustrating relationship of opposition suggests why their son is alienated and one of their daughters doesn\'t seem to be able to build a trust-based relationship.
Sister\'s shy cafe waitress Nadia (
Gina McKee played a similar role in Mr.
Li\'s \'ked \'\')
Dating men in personal advertisements, eventually tempted and rejected by one of them;
Debbie (
Shirley Henderson)
A barber, put her son on her irresponsible predecessor.
Husband, he lost him soon;
Pregnant teacher Molly (Molly Parker)cold-
Her shoulder.
He resigned because of his boyfriend\'s resignation.
Their brother Darren. Enzo Cilenti)
, Whether to call home when he and his girlfriend cross the city.
Subject, sir.
Winterbutton\'s films also include \"Judy\" and \"Welcome to Sarajevo\", about people trapped in some sort of prison, both mentally and physically;
They have nothing in common from the wind.
In Wonderland, he takes a casual approach of observing, shooting the daily life and accidents of his character with his hands
As they struggle over the weekend, take the camera and summarize their efforts to try to communicate with each other. Mr.
When we spoke at the Sundance Film Festival in January, winterbutton was reluctant to acknowledge the impact of specific realism on \"Wonderland\", which premiered in the United States.
\"I didn\'t consciously imitate the realism of the kitchen sink after 60,\" he said . \"
The film\'s core figure happened to be living in the parliament building in southern London, struggling financially.
I\'m more interested in exploring the emotional connection between people in a family that rarely meets, and while capturing the noise and excitement of London and trying to keep your head on the surface of the water, there are 7 million people around you who you don\'t know about their lives.
You sit next to the subway, live in an apartment next door to them and walk through them in the street, but you never thought there would be any connection with them.
On the surface, \"wonderland\" is like Mr. Loach\'s films --a \'\'Riff-
For example, Raff, or \"someone who rains \"---
But more careful research shows that its style goes beyond the realism of the Loya documentary.
Like \"No in the mouth\" and \"Under the Skin\", the \"Magical Land\" is carried by a flyon-the-
Accuse Wall with a disturbing composition.
The scenes of Debbie\'s son and his dad leaving the football match, and the scenes of Nadiya and Molly\'s boyfriend in Soho, all make the metropolis a jungle that threatens humanity.
It is not completely unexposed.
Winterbutton\'s film photographer Sean Bobbit picked lonely people in the crowd, which made us curious about their story.
But he did something.
Loach will never use time
Time-lapse photography, he turned the Soho crowd into an inhuman mess moving at a distorted speed, covered by an alternate sad Michael Neiman score.
\"For me, if a movie expresses what\'s real, it\'s real . \"
Said winterbutton.
\"But I don\'t think there is an objective way to say that one movie is real, and the other is not real.
Wonderland is a naturalist film in most respects.
One of the things I want to do in style is that there are moments in it where we not only look at the details, but also try to evoke how people feel about the inner life, desires and dreams of the characters.
That\'s why I use my time.
Lapse photography and Michael Nyman\'s soundtrack
\"Lynne Ramsey\'s\" ratcatcher \"sits around a dilapidated housing project and a contaminated canal in Glasgow\'s 70 s;
National strike against workers (
Also seen in the latest sex pistol documentary dirty and angry)
It caused the intrusion of nearby mice.
In the first few minutes of the film, a boy drowned in the canal.
The next story is 12-year-old James (William Eadie)
Push the boy into the water.
James became friends with an unlucky teenager, Margaret Anne. Leanne Mullen)
He was chosen by a local gang and then when he saw her having sex with the person who persecuted her, he felt betrayed.
James\'s father was beaten and his wife was beaten out.
James jumped into the canal himself.
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From the dirt of this humanity
Ramzi, who grew up in a similar Glasgow environment, made a film of equal importance to realism and impressionist. Unlike Mr.
She found and designed some details. -
The scabs on Margaret Anne\'s knee, the glasses at the bottom of the canal, James protected the mother\'s torn nylon socks onto her bare toes ---
This is naked in their reality, but more than threedimensional.
\"I\'m trying to think about the emotional core of every shot,\" Ms. Li said.
Said Ramsey recently.
\"I want to get the details that trigger the memory.
A lot of people like James looking at Margaret Anne\'s scabs because it\'s sexy and reminds them of the time when they often have scabs on their knees.
Although \"ratcatcher\" looks and feels like real life, but any idea that it is a \"reality\" movie is made conscious and unconscious by the fact that it seems to run on two intersection planes of reality
When James followed his sister out of town by bus, he drifted to a new residential area in the vast fields, which may have been filmed in Nebraska: The sequence has the qualities of reverie.
Later, in a magical world
In the scene of style, James\'s family came to the manor with furniture through the fields to ask for their paradise ---
But there is a feeling that this is just a visualization of James\'s futile desire for a life that is not barbaric and ill --ridden.
In the early days of the film, commission inspectors visited the untidy apartment at James\'s house and refused to give them a new home-
Typical hints about how the working class is habitually betrayed by the authorities who should help them.
\"Running James\" also reminds of an unpopular primary school student who found comfort with a red man in \"Sir\"Loach\'s \'\'Kes. \'\'Like Mr. Loach, Ms.
Ramsey mainly works with non-professional actors.
However, in style, the British filmmaker who has the greatest impact on her is Bill Douglas (
\"My childhood\" \"My parents \"), Mr.
Clark and Nicholas Rogge also praised the influence of American pioneers
Maya directors Maya Deren and European heavyweights such as Fellini, Bergman, fasind and Truver.
It is believed that \"ratcatcher\" is part of the British tradition of social realism because of the work
\"This is a class world,\" she said . \".
\"If it offers an alternative view of British culture compared to most movies today, then, yes, it has something to do with the tradition of kitchen sinks, but I \'ve never sat down and said, i\'m going to make a social realism film.
When I was making a movie, I really went to another planet.
Lady advertising.
Ramsey, who previously directed highly respected shorts (
\"Small Death\" and \"gas man \")
She added that she did not want to be considered a Scottish filmmaker.
However, the territorial spirit of the 60-year-old kitchen sink film survived Shane Meadows\'s work, his grass
Root cinema in central and surrounding areas--
It\'s not that his story about teenagers and young people who are emotionally or financially deprived does not apply universally. Mr.
Meadows\'s films, both lively and sharp, are shared with Mike Lee\'s fascination with personality quirks. Mr.
Meadows is about to begin his work in the west of Wales, when his conversation with his writing partner, Paul Fraser, led them to an autobiography story about the temporary disruption of their long-lasting friendship in adolescence.
Romeo\'s room describes the crisis in greedy life 12-year-old Romeo (Andrew Shim).
Not only did he abandon his nextdoor-
Knock on the door, neighbor (Ben Marshall)
When the latter was hospitalized but angered by the decision of his traveling father to return home, he accepted 30-
Morrell, Ish is not suitable (Paddy consedin)
He\'s been asking for love from his sister. Mr.
The first feature of Meadows is blackand-
White \'TwentyFourSeven \'\'(1997)
, Was filmed in an unstable fusion of realism and impressionist style, but Romeo Bruce brought him back to his short film \"Little times\" and \"Where is Ronnie\'s money\"
This was taken in the video.
In all the real movies of the new British director
Living conditions, sir.
Meadows soup is the most realistic. Unlike Mr.
Winter and Ms. Ramsay, Mr.
Meadows frankly admitted that he was directly affected by Loach. Leigh-
The Clark era turned out to be deified in TV series 70 and 1980s, when the British film industry was experiencing a cyclical recession.
\"You heard Martin Scorsese talk about his first visit to these big movie theaters in New York to see great movies,\" said Mr. Martin Scorsese.
Meadows said, \"but for me, the cinema is a shabby place in the back street of Stoke --on-
Trent, you go to watch movies like Grease at most twice a year.
With the exception of movies like fire chariot and absolute beginner, there was no film culture in the UK as I grew up.
However, I will come in from the youth club on Thursday night and there will be a movie on TV, about a pregnant woman and someone who came over to read the gas meter was apparently fascinated by her and they sat in a room in an apartment and didn\'t talk.
You think, who the hell did this?
You don\'t know if it\'s a story or a documentary, but you\'ll sit there staring at it.
He continued: \"One thing I feel missing from these incredible difficulties is --
Play is comedy.
They are real, but they seem to be too serious, and I remember where I grew up, and while life was tough, people\'s humor passed, and when I started making movies, I think I can bring it to my movie.
You can see how the two boys treated Morrell cruelly because they thought they could take advantage of him in Romeo Blas.
Even if a movie is based on reality, it is not necessarily a state of frustration.
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A new generation of realists has scrapped the kitchen sink.
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