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How about artificial stone countertops? Introduction to the characteristics of artificial stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-02

Artificial stone countertop is a mineral-filled polymer composite material made of natural mineral powder, high-performance resin and natural pigments through vacuum casting or compression molding. It is currently one of the most mainstream countertop materials, so the artificial stone countertop is in the end Okay?

Artificial stone countertops are 'deceptively afraid of hardship'

It is difficult to remedy cracks on artificial stone countertops. The most important thing is to understand the artificial stone Characteristics, prolong the service life of artificial stone countertops, maintenance is the key.

With relevant understanding, the mainstream artificial stone countertops currently on the market are mainly divided into three types: artificial quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops. Among the above three types of countertops, the former is often referred to as quartz countertops by sales staff, and the latter two are often referred to as artificial stone countertops. Among the above countertops, there is a big difference in product performance.

The main component of quartz stone countertops is silica, which has the highest hardness, so the possibility of fracture is very small and it is also relatively wear-resistant. Scratched a few times on the composite acrylic sample with a knife, and the sample produced white scratches. Compared with quartz stone countertops, acrylic products have weaker wear resistance, especially composite acrylic products. Experts said, 'Composite acrylic is composed of resin + acrylic + masterbatch, which is far less wear-resistant than pure acrylic products.'

Advantages of artificial stone countertops

Seamless splicing and tight joints: When the countertops of the cabinets are long or corners, they need to be spliced. The artificial stone countertop can not only be cut into various shapes and combined into a variety of patterns, but also can be seamlessly joined in corner treatment. After grinding and polishing, it will bring unexpected results.

There is no color difference and light weight: users do not have to worry about the effect of the cabinet due to the color difference when purchasing artificial stone. The artificial stone surface has no pores, oil stains and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, and it has strong stain resistance and is easy to clean. Artificial stone is made of stone powder, which is thinner and lighter than natural stone. In application, it can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet and prolong the service life.

There are a variety of color series: artificial stone has the color and texture of natural stone, and can be divided into different series, each series has a variety of colors. When purchasing, you can choose artificial stone with suitable texture and color to match different home colors and decoration grades.

Cleaning and maintenance of artificial stone countertops

First, avoid direct contact of artificial stone with high-temperature objects. Do not place high-temperature objects (such as hot pots, hot pots, hot plates, etc.) directly or permanently on the artificial stone countertops. Please use heat-insulating brackets or pads to isolate direct contact between high-temperature objects and the table.

Second, it is best to place the artificial stone in a cool place. Avoid long-term high temperature radiation on the countertop. Dissipate heat in time to avoid thermal deformation and cracking of the countertop.

Third, keep the artificial stone dry. Always keep the surface of artificial stone countertops dry, because the water contains bleach and scale, their long-term effect on the countertop will make the color of the countertop lighter

Fourth, the artificial stone should be kept away from items that damage its material. Therefore, avoid the contact of harsh chemicals with artificial stone countertops.

Artificial stone countertop is a relatively good countertop product, and it is now more mainstream, and it has been loved by many families. In order to return it to The service we provide, we can not be careless in the cleaning and maintenance of artificial stone.

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