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How to polish cabinet artificial stone countertops How to polish cabinet artificial stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

Now there are many kinds of cabinet surface materials, and artificial stone is one of the most popular materials among consumers, because the cabinet surface of this material has too many advantages, but how should it be better maintained? Well, let's take a look below.

Maintenance of artificial stone countertops

Daily maintenance only needs to wipe with a sponge and neutral detergent to maintain Clean; To disinfect, you can use diluted daily bleach (1:3 or 1:4 mixed with water) or other disinfectant to wipe the surface. Please wipe off water stains with a towel in time, and try to keep the countertop as dry as possible.

Because the countertop is mostly connected with the sink, water will be accidentally splashed on the countertop when washing dishes and dishes. It is best to wipe it off with a dry cloth as soon as possible, otherwise the countertop will be exposed to water for a long time Erosion makes it easy to lighten the color, because the water in the pipe contains bleaching powder, which will bleach the countertop, so it is best not to get the countertop wet. Due to water scale and strong oxidant (chloride ions), the water stays on the cabinet countertop for a long time will produce difficult to remove stains. Please blow dry with a hair dryer. After a few hours or days, the stains will gradually disappear. Small white marks can be removed by wiping the surface with a dry cloth moistened with cooking oil.

Small stains can be wiped off with neutral detergent or gel toothpaste.

Polishing of artificial stone countertops

Matte surface: circularly polished with a decontamination detergent, then cleaned, and then Wipe dry with a dry towel. Wipe the entire countertop with a scouring pad at intervals to keep the surface smooth and clean.

Semi-matte surface: Use a scouring pad dipped in a non-abrasive cleaning agent and polish it in a circle, then dry it with a towel, and use a non-abrasive polishing material to enhance the surface brightening effect.

High-gloss surface: Use sponge and non-abrasive brightener to polish. Dirt that is extremely difficult to remove can be polished with 1200 mesh sandpaper, and then brightened with a soft cloth and brightener or professional artificial stone countertop maintenance cream.

Precautions for maintaining the artificial stone countertop

1. Some owners who are not particularly particular about cutting directly on the artificial stone countertop Dishes, I don’t know that this will leave knife marks on the countertop. If the knife marks are too deep, they may remain on the countertop and affect the beauty of the countertop. If you accidentally leave a shallow scratch on the countertop, you can rub the artificial stone countertop with sandpaper to remove the scratches.

2. In daily life, owners need to be careful not to put too hot utensils on the artificial stone countertops, as this will cause damage to the artificial stone surface and easily cause cracks on the surface. Decoration owners It is best to put a heat insulation pad on the artificial stone countertop, and put the hot appliance on the heat insulation pad, not directly on the artificial stone countertop.

3. After one or two years of use, there will inevitably be some scratches on the artificial stone countertop, which will affect the appearance of the countertop. Due to various reasons in the use process, the surface of the countertop generally needs to be refurbished when the color of the countertop surface is dark or scratched. Usually, it needs to be refurbished after 2 years of use. This needs to be done by professional and technical personnel.

In the process of maintaining and repairing the artificial stone cabinet countertops, polishing should be regarded as the most important part, so it must be strict Perform in accordance with its technical requirements.

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