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Tatami decoration price

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

Now many families are considering installing Japanese-style tatami mats at home, which not only saves space, but also can have a drink with family or friends in their leisure time. Many people will care about the price before installing tatami mats. Counted in all renovation budgets. Today I have collected some information about the price of Japanese tatami for you, and I hope to help you.

  What is tatami:

  Tatami uses natural and simple materials, mostly logs, mats, bamboo, etc. The more common ones are straw and rush, which have a light fragrance and a comfortable and cool feeling. The bottom layer of the tatami is made of thick insect-proof paper, and the middle layer is covered with a natural, hand-woven high-grade rush mat, and a three-layer material is used for wrapping.

   Tatami is a very popular product. It originated in Japan and is a must-have item in every Japanese family. But with the development and progress of the times, the exchange and integration of various international cultures has made more and more Chinese people start to fall in love with it, so today I will introduce the price of tatami floor decoration, which is very important among tatami mats.

How much is tatami mats per square meter:

   This can be calculated according to the material, height, and width of the floor, not that we can set it down of. The general 1.5*1.8m is about 500-1000 yuan; the solid wood particle board is about 700/square meter; the oak is 1200/square meter. The price of tatami is different for different materials! Below is a list of the prices of several materials that are often used. Rush tatami price: 100-500 yuan/㎡. The price of solid wood tatami: over 1,000 yuan/㎡. The price of soft tatami should be the cheapest one. It is a fixed size and you can use it after you buy it, usually around a few hundred yuan.

How to calculate the price of    tatami:

  1, the price of the ground box: We know that the material used in the Yuan and the tatami is shoji pine wood on both sides without scars, and its cover is inserted For the plate method, the height is: 350mm, the tatami mat: 50mm, so the total adds up to 400mm. If it is higher than 400mm, an additional 25% is required. The calculation method is: length * width * unit price.

  2. Tatami calculation price: The standard specification of tatami is: the thickness is 50mm, the filling is coconut palm, the longest can reach 2000mm, the widest can reach 900mm, it should be noted that the unit price of tatami is based on the mat surface Determined together with the filling, its calculation method is: the length of the tatami * the width of the tatami * the height of the tatami.

  3. Closure line: In addition to playing a beautiful role, the closing line is more important to protect the tatami mat. The specifications of the closing line: width: 50mm, height: 50mm (depending on the selected tatami mat), the material is made of solid pine wood, its calculation method is different from the above, it is calculated according to the linear meter.

  4. Naked face: What is naked face? The exposed surface is assembled by 1*4 lines one by one. The specification is: 10mm*40mm (single strip), the material is still pine solid wood, and the price calculation method is: charge by linear meters.

  5. Lift: There are three types of lifts: manual, electric, and double electric. The table top of the manual lift is 800mm*800mm (the maximum can only be 90mm*900mm), and its calculation method is more Convenient, directly calculated by the number of units.

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