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Bathing is an integral part of daily life but

by:KingKonree     2020-06-16
Trying to shower alone when you have a disability or impaired movement can be a strenuous and sometimes dangerous task. Although there is home care on offer to help, this can affect your sense of independence. There are many adaptations to your bathroom that can be installed to make life much easier and enable you to gain your independence, here are a few; Wet Rooms The practicality of a wet room means that it can easily be adapted for disabled showering. Fitting rails and shower seating can radically improve a disabled or elderly person's ability to shower with ease. Level access showers can replace the bath, and slip resistant vinyl flooring can be put down for added safety. For an elegant and contemporary finish to any bathroom, full height glass screens and stainless steel accessories can be added. Shower Trays To enable easier access into the shower, the current shower tray can be replaced with a level access shower tray. A ramp can also be added for people needing walking aids or in wheelchairs. Walk in showers or level-access shower trays make shower accessibility easier with a step less than 10mm high and take no time at all to install. Stand alone Shower Enclosure A standalone shower enclosure is an excellent solution when a bath cannot be accessed, they are relatively quick to install and are also suitable in any room or bedroom. To enable easy access and use, grab rails and a ramp an also be added. Freestanding Seats Freestanding seats are light and durable and can easily be moved to the desired place. Freestanding seats can be placed in a level shower, for people that struggle to stand for extended periods of time. The height of the seats can be changed to suit the user. Adapting the home to meet the requirements of everyday needs and overcome difficulties, mean that disabled and elderly people can still live comfortable and independently in their own home.
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