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Built-in bathtubs are popular, small apartments also have large spaces

by:KingKonree     2021-05-15

As small houses in real estate have become popular among the public, bathtubs have also begun to enter people’s homes the day before yesterday. Many consumers like to take a bath, but what if the bathroom is not big enough? The built-in bathtub can save a lot of space , So that small apartments can also enjoy luxurious life.

Built-in bathtubs are loved by small apartments and have large spaces

Ms. Liu’s new house is decorated, but because it is a small apartment, there is not much space in the bathroom. 'I just saw the feeling of embedded bathtubs. I was pleasantly surprised. I immediately thought of the toilet in my house and contacted the decoration company to inspect it. I didn’t expect it to be suitable.” Ms. Liu said, she really likes taking a bath. I thought that the bathtub could not be installed in the new house. Surprising.

Small apartment types require simple and generous decoration as much as possible to appear bright. In bathroom decoration, the overall space is visually spacious because of the embedded bathtub, even in a compact space. Crowded, it is worth learning from small spaces.

The layout of the water pipes is slightly complicated, and anti-skid measures should be taken.

Although the embedded bathtub is convenient, the layout of the water pipes is very troublesome. The requirements for decoration are very high. The bathtub installed below the ground must be There is enough space. In addition, the installation requirements are high. Pay attention to the installation of water pipes. Because they are installed on the ground, the trend of the water pipes will also affect the installation of other sanitary products.

Taking a bath is a very happy thing. Every time you go home after a working day to wash away your tiredness, you can light a scented candle and put on a cup of coffee. It can be a single noble or a cup of coffee. In the two-person world, throw away the pressure of work, enjoy the pure bathing space easily, and spend the romantic bathroom life. However, the bathroom is a humid area. When taking a bath, the home must take anti-skid measures to ensure safety and comfort.

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