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residential countertop demand in china to exceed 92 million square meters in 2010.

by:KingKonree     2020-03-21
It is expected that the demand for residential kitchen and bathroom countertops in China will increase by 7.
Between 3% and 92 per year.
Valuation of 2 million square meters in 2010 [yen]26. 7 billion.
Continued strong growth in new housing completion, kitchen and bathre modelling spending will drive progress.
In the new building, the trend of larger kitchens and more bathrooms will further promote the benefits.
A new study from Freedonia Group, Inc. shows that these and other trends appear on residential kitchen and bathroom countertops in China, aCleveland-
Industry market research company.
The most significant trend in the countertop industry is the rapid rise of solid surfaces as China\'s preferred material.
Of the newly installed residential countertops, only 3% of the solid surface materials are available.
By 2010, the demand for the overall table top will account for nearly half of the total.
The price drop on the solid surface countertop will be combined with the durability of the material, the recyclability, the attractive look and the minimum maintenance requirements to drive its growth.
Engineering Stone was first introduced to China in 2002 and is another new and fast-growing material for countertops.
Although the price of artificial stone is still relatively expensive, its price has fallen fast enough to be an attractive option for many Chinese consumers.
Other major material areas are expected to experience strong growth.
In terms of volume, the annual increase of natural stone in the second largest plate will be less than 2%, and the annual increase of laminated materials will be less than 3%.
The demand for tiles remains at 14 million square meters.
All of these materials will lose market share for more popular solid surfaces and engineering stone.
The installation of most of the countertops is related to the construction of new housing, which in 2005 exceeded 70 percent.
However, market demand will continue to grow at a faster rate, growing by more than 10% per year, reaching 30 million square meters in 2010.
Consumers\' interest in upgrading old tiles, natural stones and laminated countertops with more lasting and higher value will drive the gains --
Materials such as solid surface and engineering Stone were added.
Kitchen and bathroom countertops (
Published 09/2006, 244 pages)
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