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tech talk: solar revolution showing no signs of slowing

by:KingKonree     2020-02-15
Toyota has just started testing a new Prius with a solar roof that will be used for chargingin battery.
This makes sense as the efficiency of solar panels increases.
To give you some perspective, the energy of the equator hitting the Earth\'s surface at noon is 1 KW per square meter.
The solar cells on Prius are only 0.
03mm it is believed that the power of about 860W will be provided.
This is enough to increase the range by an average of 45 km per day sitting in the sun.
Since 1987, the two-year auto race for the World Solar Challenge has been between Darwin and Adelaide.
The average number of winners in 1987 was 66.
The speed of 3000 km kilometers per hour is 9 kilometers, while the average speed of the last race is 81 kilometers. 2km/h.
Obviously, we are getting energy from the sun.
The solar panels seem to be affected badly because the sun doesn\'t hit your Earth 24 hours a day, so people take it for granted to worry about how they turn on the lights at night,, there will be some significant progress in delivering superior solutions.
We should review the history before we go there.
In 1891 Clarence Kemp of California applied for a patent for a small glass
The box at the top has water through it to heat the water, using the sun to save the regular heating of the water.
Instead of using the sun to generate electricity, it is using the sun to save demand for other forms of energy.
Also in 1953, when SW Hart and Co.
Solahart hot water system was created.
Solahart currently has more than 1 million hot water systems installed in 70 countries around the world.
Three years later, the first solar cell to produce electricity began to be commercially available.
Like all new technologies, it\'s expensive. US$2800 (
Converted in 2019)for a one-Watt solar cells
By contrast, the cost is now down to $3. 18 per watt.
Despite the high price, it allowed the solar revolution to begin.
Calculators and novelty began to appear on tiny solar cells, but by the time they were in their fifties, the satellite was already powered by solar cells.
From the age of 70, when prices fell sharply, we began to see a variety of situations with solar panels. Most off-
The offshore oil rig uses solar panels to power the lighting on the rig.
There\'s some irony here!
We also started seeing solar panels at railway crossings, communication towers and water pumps.
You will often see a farm, a shabby traditional windmill that has stopped running, and the one sitting proudly next to the windmill is a small solar cell and an electric pump.
Less maintenance and more reliability!
In order to let you know the speed of technological progress, a solar farm was established in Nyngan, new state, in January 2014.
250 hectares of land have 102 megawatts of solar power plants.
Fast forward for nearly five years and on the road to Nevertire in less space (180 hectares)
A new solar farm is being built that will generate more power (132MW).
Initial concerns about night power did not go away, but with the development of pumping Hydro and battery technology and other systems, electricity is available throughout the night and more is expected to be addressed involving solar panels
In September 2009, I wrote an article in which I calculated that the surface area of the solar panels needed for power generation in Australia was 32 km square meters.
I can only imagine the smaller size we need with more efficient modern solar panels.
Tell me where the solar panels you see in ask @ techtalk are unusual. digital.
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