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Things you should know before you install the

by:KingKonree     2020-09-26

Most vehicle have the mirror mounted directly onto the glass; Therefore improper tools or techniques used in the installation could result in a damaged or broken windshield. It is strongly recommend that installation be performed by a qualified technician.

Steps on installing the rearview mirror gps:

1. Remove the existing mirror before you install the new rearview mirror gps device. (Note: All vehicles use different mounting solutions. If necessary, consult your local automotive dealer or installation professional for specific instruction.)

2. Attach the vehicle-specific mount to the back of the gps rearview mirror using the supplied screws.

3. Attach the assembled mirror to the vehicle mirror mounting tab and secure.

4. Route the gps rearview mirror cable along the headliner and down the pillar, and connect to the receiving end of the Control Module cable.

5. Connect the three power leads:

Yellow-Consant 12V+ source

Red- Ignition controlled ACC 12V_ source

Black- (-) Ground (Connecting to car chassis works best)

How to Operate the installed Rearview Mirror GPS?

Power On/Off

There are two ways to turn on/off the device

1) The device will turn on automatically as soon as you start your engine. It will also turn off automatically as soon as you turn off the vehicle.

2) Press and hold the Power Button for more than 1 second, to turn the device on. When you want to turn off the device, press and hold the same button for more than 1 second.

Caution: When there is no power, the device will turn off automatically.

Navigation: To Navigate directly

Bluetooth: To be used as a Hands-Free device, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.

Assistant: Calculator.

Amusement: Music, Movie, Photo, Flash, etc.

Settings: To setup navigation, FM, volume, background light, time, language etc.

Quick Guide: Brief device guide.

GPS Mirror Support SD/MMC Card:

The device has a SD/MMC card which can be used for multimedia photos and music. To use the SD/MMC card, insert a SD/MMC card into the slot of the gps mirror device. With the connector pointing to the slot and it's label facing the front of the device. To remove the card, first make sure that application are not accessing the card, then slightly push the top edge of the card to release. Then remove the card.

1) Put the card into the right side slot correctly

2) Do not take the card out when you are operating (such as read, copy etc.) the card, or the data may install improperly.

3) Avoid using and storing the card under high temperature or high humidity.

4) Keep the card far away from liquid and caustic materials.

Start to Navigate the Rearview Mirror GPS:

Rearview mirror GPS Navigation is the basic function of this device, below are these simple steps to operate the Navigation software:

The first step: GPS positioning of your location.

On the main menu, click the Navigation icon then the system will enter navigation mode. Click the position button; the Gps will begin to orientate the location. The first time you power up the Navigation it may take up to 5 to 10 min before it picks up your location.

The second step: Set the Destination

Click the destination button to enter the destination setting interface. Then click the name search to enter the input interface. Then type in the destination of the name you want to research, and then click OK to enter the name. Then choose a place where you want to go to. Click the chosen place to enter the map interface and set the chosen place as the destination.

The third step: Begin to Navigate

After setting the destination, return to the navigation menu, click the button start to navigate. The system will begin to navigate, then the system will remind you start to navigate with a navigation voice. When you reach about 300 meters from your destination, the system will remind you that you are close to your destination with voice and enlarge the sample destination when you reach the destination.

About Bluetooth function on GPS mirror:

Bluetooth on the GPS mirror is a wireless technology for creating personal networks operating in the 2.4GHz band, with a range of 10 meters that enables portable electronic device, including mobile phones, PDA, wireless headphones, and notebook PC etc, to connect and communicate wirelessly. It's available bandwidth is 1 Mhz, analogous to the IEEE 802.11 standard.

The gps rearview mirror bluetooth device supports the functions as follows: Hands-Free Profile(HFP). The gps mirror device can be used hands-free for a mobile phone with Bluetooth. You can use the device for making telephone calls directly and answering the phone through the built-in loudspeaker

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