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how to clean stainless steel sinks

by:KingKonree     2020-03-17
Stainless steel is made of a mixture of chromium and iron.
It won\'t corrosion or rust easily.
The durability and appearance of the stainless steel sink make it one of the most popular sink choices.
If you wash the stainless steel sink regularly, you can easily make it look good for a long time.
There are many cheap ways to remove grease and dirt.
Take a damp cloth and put some white vinegar on it, then you can wipe the inside of the sink.
Remember to always rub along the direction of polishing/grain.
Once you\'re done, take the whole sink out with warm water and dry it.
For daily cleaning, simply wipe the sink with a wet towel with warm water.
You can make air in your sink
It leaves spots and stripes if you want.
If you want the sink to look perfectly shiny, you should dry it with a soft towel.
If your sink darkens over time, or if you spill paint or other substances on it, you can try a commercial polish.
Follow the instructions included by the manufacturer to make sure it is suitable for stainless steel sinks and do not rub grain/throw light.
What looks like rust is probably caused by putting the pan bowl pans basin in the sink.
Mix these baking soda with water, or remove the mixture of tartar cream and lemon juice.
If the site does not fall off right away, try leaving the mixture on the rust spot for 30 minutes to an hour.
Note: Do not use steel wool on the stainless steel sink.
Don\'t leave a wet rag or towel in the sink.
Do not use detergent containing bleach or chlorine.
Don\'t leave the pot bowl site basin in the sink for a long time.
Don\'t let the food dry in the sink.
Do not expose the sink to harsh chemicals.
Try to keep the sink dry.
Using a protective grid (
When you dry the sink, remember to remove them).
When you pour hot or boiling water into the stainless steel sink, be sure to run cold water.
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