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Take advantage of space you didn't even know you

by:KingKonree     2020-09-19

Maximize Drawer and Cabinet Space

You don't have to lump all of your cleaning supplies together on one cramped little shelf under the sink. With the Expandable Under Sink Shelf, you can provide shelving that fits many tight storage areas to provide double the surface space. Five removable panels make it easy to accommodate pipes or cords while the steel mesh construction will withstand years of use. For accessible trash storage you won't have to bend down to reach, try the Door Waste Basket. Mounting hardware lets this waste bin be installed right on the inside of the cabinet door and the front cinch secures trash bags in place. From makeup organizers to pill dispensers, there are many ways to keep your drawers and cabinets in order.

Simplify Shower Space with Caddies

Are you sick of toppling shampoo bottles that can never stay put in your bathtub or shower? Get extra storage space with the ample shelving of a shower caddy like the Tension Rod Shower Oranizer. The spring-loaded rod is adjustable to fit into any corner and the five adjustable shelves provide more room for razors, soap, and more.

Or perhaps you would like the Convertible Shower Caddy that can hang on your shower head or door, with stabilizing suction cups and deep, adjustable shelves. Try the Double Dispenser with Shower Basket to add some shelf space and keep your shampoo or conditioner organized. The dispenser pump does the measuring for you so that you don't have to worry about using too much soap (or too little). Calm the chaos in your shower with durable and convenient shower caddies.

Add Extra Storage with a Toilet Spacesaver

In many bathrooms, the space above the toilet is wasted. This problem is easily solved with a spacesaver or etagere that fits right over the toilet to provide custom storage for your bath necessities. The Over Toilet Storage Organizer features slender cabinet space and open shelves for decorative soaps, washcloths, canisters, and more along with two slots for tissue dispensing. If you want just a little bit of extra storage, you will love the Toilet Tank Table with its modest shelf space and elegantly tapered legs. Gain back some of the space taken up by the toilet with a new spacesaver.

Keep Your Counter Clear with Organizers

Are your countertops overwhelmed with hairdryers, pills, toothbrushes, toothpaste, handheld mirrors, makeup, hairbrushes, and more? Give yourself the room you need to get ready each day with products like the Sure-Loc Hair Dryer Holder. It will turn empty wall space into a handy storage area for your blow dryer and brush, and it features an industrial-strength suction cup to allow for quick and easy installation on any smooth surface. Another must-have for any bathroom is the Swivel 3-Tier Bath Counter Organizer that provides extra storage for smaller items like jewelry, tweezers, nail clippers and more that can easily be hidden from view with its swivel design. Keep mascara, nail polish, and eye shadow within easy reach with the Three-Tier Makeup Carousel. The angled wave shape of the shelves ensures your items will stay put while the near-transparent carousel will stylishly display your cosmetics. Tame your countertop clutter today!

Store Towels and Tissue with Ease

Every bathroom needs a place for extra toilet tissue and extra towels. What better way is there to store them than with a Five-Tier Shelf Unit? With this shelving unit, you will have open storage and display space for not just towels, but also soaps, baskets, candles, and so on. And since this organizer is free-standing, you can easily move it from one area to the next. For simple yet stylish tissue storage, buy the Tissue Tower.

The open wire design makes it easy for guests to find the next roll while the tall construction accommodates up to three toilet paper rolls. Last but not least, the Towel Valet will hang your towels and wash towels out to dry with no installation required. The weighted base prevents tipping and can support heavy, wet towels. Tuck away your bath tissue and towels in an accessible and convenient place.

Win the fight against clutter with smart storage solutions that can work in any bathroom. From spacesavers to shower caddies, countertop organizers, and towel racks, there are numerous options out there to transform your cluttered catastrophe into a mess-free masterpiece.

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