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tourist sues starbucks over hidden camera

by:KingKonree     2020-03-07
Starbucks has been charged for $3 m. $2. 93 million)
An American says five of his. year-
The old daughter found a camera in the bathroom of a store in Washington.
William Young, 28, accused Seattle
A global coffee chain based on privacy violations, negligence, \"intentional emotional distress\" and negligence in hiring, training and supervising employees.
Mr. Yockey, who visited the US capital in April, \"immediately reported this humiliating and disgusting thing to the store manager a few blocks from the White House\", a copy of the lawsuit he saw today.
The police came out of the bathroom and wiped the camera Gray.
Hiding in U-
According to the plaintiff, the shape of the drain under the wash basin
Before the fingerprint was confiscated as evidence, the lawsuit said.
Mr Yockey told ABC News that \"even today, it\'s embarrassing and humiliating,\" adding that any video of his daughter in the bathroom \"could be on the Internet.
She may have been violated \".
Mr. Yockey\'s lawyer, Hank schlesberg, is asking the district High Court of Colombia to hold a jury trial to compensate for the loss of $1 m and the loss of $2 m for privacy violations.
A spokesman for Starbucks could not be reached for comment, but the local weekly City newspaper said the company had tried but failed to file a lawsuit, the reason is that Mr. Yockey did not prove any misconduct by his employees.
On last May, police arrested a man suspected of recording at least 40 women with hidden cameras at Starbucks, California. On June, another man was arrested for placing a camera in another Starbucks in Florida.
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