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Vintage Accessories

by:KingKonree     2020-08-12

The use of vintage accessories adds an exquisite touch to virtually any room. This unique appearance is often aged, but remains luxurious at its core while staying with an attainable budget range. A variety of different types of bathroom accessories which can be added that create a fantastic effect for any room include soft furnishings, Moroccan inspired designs, as well as bright and bold colours. Taking old furniture and salvaging it by cleaning up the wood and reupholstering the cushions creates that vintage and antiqued look while keeping the room up to date and in style all at once. Picture frames and chintzes can also be used as timeless touches which will brighten up any home.

Retro Cushions

Retro cushions are way to make stunning change to any room whiles expressing one's personal style. They come in a variety of styles and shapes and cam be used on couches, chairs, beds, and even sitting rooms. Adding retro cushions can spice up a dull chair with a mix of bold colours that make a statement. Large Moroccan style cushions are a great alternative for bean bag chairs therefor by obtaining a large number of these cushions and placing on the floor they create a fabulous makeshift seating area on the floor brightening up any room in the house.

Moroccan Lamps and the Styles

The various Moroccan style lamps are unique and vastly different from traditional or modern lighting, and are often considered works of art. While this is true, there are still remnants of common elements amongst their designs. These particular styles of lamps are found in the primary colours red, blue, yellow and green. Since there is really no traditional design there is bound to be one to fit any room in a house.

The materials these lamps are made of various metals and woods; brass and glass sometimes used as well. The lamp shades are made from sheep or goat skin making these perfect focal points for a new room design. In line with this, there are also henna lamps, which have hand drawn patterns and designs utilizing the ink from henna plants. These shades have a soft brown or other muted colour. The intricate designs are painted on them making each a one of a kind. Due to the colour of the shade material they give off a very soft light which makes them perfect if one is looking to add ambiance to a room.

Yet another option to choose from when one is looking for a Moroccan style lamp to add dcor to a room is the star lamp. These particular lamps are in the shape of stars and can be suspended from the ceiling. Star lamps make the most out of effect lighting, as they work beautifully strewn across a ceiling. In line with this, another chic style Moroccan lamp is known as the Moroccan lantern. These casings are translucent and cover a light source. They are regular lanterns designed with Moroccan patterns. These particular lights can be used both indoor and outdoor creating a versatile and flexible form of lighting.

Yet another way to add a bit of Moroccan flavour to a home is sconces. Sconces are a great lighting source and the fixtures lay flush against the wall. Being made with coloured glass, they are fantastic for a creative decorative lighting design. Floor and table lamps make great partners with sconce lighting. Floor and table lamps are not only functional, but look very striking with a Moroccan dcor. If a more eclectic design is desired, it is often wise to consider scattering an array of sizes throughout the room and the rest of the home.

Transforming a room from shabby to vintage chic can be accomplished by simple changes that won't break the bank. Take a look around the room and decide on the style that would change the room so it is more appealing. Sometimes just adding colour to a room will make all the difference. For a little added something for your bathroom try finding a few luxury bathroom accessories. For your living room try sourcing some vintage home furnishings. For your kitchen, simply add a basic colour and research country kitchen accessories to go for a more country cottage feel.

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